29 July 2010


from rubble
of General Industries

to Dad's grave
in Amherst

"Dad's Last Garden"

& on his 92nd birthday
I place
this brick
on one
with our name
in Cathedral Park

28 July 2010

R. B. Sprague (1937-2010)

this is Roger in his prime on Fire Island 39 years ago.

one of his paintings was the first illustration I postd on this blog. Roger participatd in the Century Dimes. "Butch Series" (2002) was a piece which used his work. he photographd my most popular video in his studio. & he took that polaroid that Richard Lopez recently postd on his blog. its reception promptd the ailing R. B. to quip that perhaps he had a future as a photographer.

Roger found the humor in everything & was able to make me laugh till my sides hurt. I miss him already.


Gary Hrusch just sent me this picture he took last week at the glorious bakery in Amherst. I was having a difficult time deciding what to purchase since there were so many goodies. I got a nut roll for Mom & a cherry turnover for myself.


Andrew Oleksiuk (who participatd in my "Tie One On") curated this show at Stamp Art Museum.

27 July 2010

my reading

thx to John Burroughs & Diane Borsenik for allowing me to read in Lakewood last week.

we three spent the day among the dead. & John video'd me reading "All in the Eye" in front of Terminal Tower.

to mark the 80th anniversary of that great structure I read the Cleveland section of Ohio Triangle that nite at Bela Dubby. when I read "All in the Eye" I brought out the antique souvenir of Terminal Tower Mom found at a sale years ago.

"Dead Poets Day"

1.     d. a. levy

on his gravestone
instead of
Terminal Tower

2.     Hart Crane

his statue
at Case Western Reserve
behind the library
but Hart
doesn't mind
he gazes
at Museum of Art
Gehry building
& that field
where anything
can happen at nite

3.     Daniel Thompson

I walk from
Terminal Tower
down Daniel's Way
that Cleveland
names its alleys
for poets

26 July 2010

always sweet

to spend time with Mom (seen here with Bill Berger mail art). but the week in Ohio was a challenge because of the weather. heat wave which producd hideous humidity. of course this morning as Mom & I waitd on the porch for my cousin Sal it was lovely.

my second flight home took off at DFW just before a big storm. & I got to ABQ just before a storm there.

19 July 2010


Sitemeter allows me some information abt those who come here. I find that the most international visitors seem to be interestd in handsome men. my postings on Ben Barnes & Robert Drivas continue to be popular.

not many who visit leave comments. even when they sting I leave them -- unless they are in a language which I can't read. I presume the preponderance of Chinese comments are spam. those I delete.

the comment by Rondell on my last post is curious. I don't know this person so I don't know if her comment is meant to be wit. I was thinking of deleting it -- in case the distinguishd comnposer mite find it here. but then I figure that anyone in the public eye becomes used to all manner of commentary.

so Rondell -- welcome. perhaps if you look around here you may enjoy some Drivas booty or Capello biceps or the twinkle in Buddy Guy's eye. & if none of that appeals you'll have to make do with a poem.

17 July 2010

the longer I live

the stranger the synchronicities.

when I was a kid I loved the ice skating shows that came to Cleveland Arena. Mom & Dad & I often went to see the annual spectaculars put on by Ice Capades & Ice Follies. I came to know & love certain skaters as much as I did movie stars.

not long after arriving in Santa Fe I learnd that a woman who workd out beside me at the gym was Frances Dorsey who had been in Ice Follies. I checkd my old programs & discoverd that a couple of months before my 13th birthday I'd seen her featurd in the production number "Pueblo Ceremonial."

I thot it was strange indeed that all those years after seeing her skate in that particular number I shd be lifting weights beside her in this country of pueblos.

we never became friends & she eventually stoppd going to my gym. & in recent years I hadn't seen her around town. but then just the other day as I was walking to the gym the name Frances Dorsey jumpd into my head & shortly after out again.

in today's paper I read her obituary. she died the day before her name suddenly came to me. now this sort of thing has happend before but usually with people who were close. I literally hadn't thot of her in some time nor discussd her with anyone.

16 July 2010


I love the way movies can capture a time & bring it back. last nite I watchd a British film of little note. but there was a moment of the Markham Arms. on my first visit to London I spent several nites in that pub. met a handsome chap there by the name of Ian Grimshaw (who later moved to Hollywood).

when the movie was over I googld Markham Arms & was shockd to learn that it is now a bank.

15 July 2010

Cow Appreciation Day

PeeWee Herman informs us of this "holiday."

it immediately brought to mind 2 events a decade apart.

this is my best friend from high school T. R. Queen at a 1961 picnic

& I remember getting off the elevator at the Whitney in 1971 for the Warhol exhibition & seeing all those cows on his wallpaper.

14 July 2010

a couple of swells

is the centenial of
the New Mexican
who was half of Hanna-Barbera
& the voice of Tom the Cat

the 80th birthday of
who continues
to perform

12 July 2010

Harvey Pekar (1939-2010)

one reason

for my decision to move to Santa Fe is the rich cultural life. it's yearlong but in summer one becomes nearly frantic trying to keep up with music & art events.

this weekend has been especially busy. yesterday neighbor Rita & I took in the annual international folk art market.

every summer artists from around the globe descend on Santa Fe to sell their wares in a weekend extravaganza.

with basketmaker Nurse Thembeni Mdluli from Swaziland

11 July 2010

nite out

can't remember the last time I was in a bar at midnite. but last nite I went with neighbor Phil to Evangelo's to hear Ryan McGarvey.

after a great set Ryan told us stories abt hanging with Jeff Beck at Crossroads. besides his vast talent he's a good person. I'm so happy that he's on the cusp of stardom.

as we left I spottd Cody Sanderson & Pat Pruitt in front of Santa Fe's most famous bar. I thankd them for the SOFA panel & we had a pleasant chat which included passing some jewelry around.

filmmaker Eames Demetrios came to town for a talk abt his grandparents. among the things I didn't know: Charles & Ray Eames came to New Mexico to visit their friend Billy Wilder while he was shooting "Ace in the Hole." & afterward they did a handmade book for him featuring photos they took of the visit.

09 July 2010

Joya Sherrill (1927-2010)

she's best known for her work with Duke Ellington but when I heard her in 1957 she was crooning with Teddy Wilson.

07 July 2010

06 July 2010

my life = my art

I woke in awe.

I'd been dreaming abt creating a piece out of my daily activities. I'd gatherd together a group of friends who were going to cross a bridge. we met so that I cd instruct them how to document the journey across the bridge & where we wd meet so that I cd collect that documentation for the work.

I woke glowing.

05 July 2010

gluttony isn't patriotic

every holiday has its own set of traditions. the one abt the 4th which I've never understood is the hot dog eating contest on Coney Island. like so many "traditions" this one was inventd to sell a product.

but it's also one of the most disgusting events out there. first of all -- the hot dog isn't a healthy meal. then the notion of anyone trying to gorge on them is sickening. to treat the "winner" as any kind of hero is ridiculous.

03 July 2010

the list

is central to my work.

I spoke a bit abt it as a literary form in the interview with Tom Beckett. but it's also vital vocabulary for my visual work (see examples here).

altho lists continually come to me it's fun to be askd to do one. so when I heard from Bree abt her newest project -- "Cleveland's Favorite Songs" -- I was happy to write something.

so this is progress?

call me old-fashiond..... or just call me old

but I quite dislike the new look of Wonder Woman.

I admit that I'm a few years younger than the original WW but that she was one of my fave comic books when I was a boy. & that look will always be what I think of when I think of her.

I no longer follow any comics or that scene so I don't know how today's youth will react.... if at all.

but this old coot is shaking his head.