30 September 2012

distant capabilities

cat that visits
spends long time
sitting beside water bowl
looking out into yard

I stand
behind screen
yearning to learn
his secret

29 September 2012

the Y

Iss-See-Kes was the summer camp of Elyria's YMCA which I also wrote abt in Postcard Memoirs. it was built in the teens & demolishd in the 1990s.

so many early memories from that building. & of course across the street from it the public library -- also destroyd.

they both figure in my poem "Straddling Third St."

28 September 2012

"The Nearness of You"

in Postcard Memoirs I recount my counselor at Camp Iss-See-Kes singing that song.  I wrote that my memory was it was the summer I was 10.  but looking at an old album I found these camp pictures from the summer I was only 8.

memory from that far back is tricky.  I think the counselor I was remembering was Jerry Marshall.  schoolmate Tom Sessler took this double exposure which has me in the dominant image beside Marshall in a sort of shadow image.  that juxtaposition at this far remove seems both appropriate & haunting.

& here's a clearer image of Marshall

27 September 2012

26 September 2012

MAC Center at Kent State

this is me receiving the KSU president's medal 19 years ago. the reason I'm posting it is because this is where President Obama will be speaking this afternoon.

23 September 2012

bacon jewelry

in my dream I was designing a line of jewelry made from bacon. after twisting bacon into forms I then coverd them in some sort of plastic.

22 September 2012


for autumn to begin so warm.

after the gym I had coffee from Starbuck's across the street & nut roll from Fligner's in Lorain at my new table.

now I'll settle into a day of yard work.

18 September 2012

Natalie Schafer (1900-1991)

the blogosphere is comparing the Romneys to the Howells on "Gilligan's Island."  I'm loving it because it's bringing some attention to Natalie Schafer who playd Lovey Howell.

she had a long career appearing on stage on screen on tv.  she did a guest spot on "I Love Lucy" & had a wonderful part in Joseph Pevney's "Female on the Beach." I first saw the character actress in "The Killing of Sister George" at Cleveland's Hanna Theater in 1968. but my fondest memory of her was at Shrine Auditorium in 1987.  I was there for an all-star production calld "Happy Birthday Hollywood." those sitting in center orchestra were seatd by celebs.  & my celeb was none other than Schafer.  of course she was nearing 90 so was a bit delicate but still steady.  I recall her looking closely at my ticket then leading me down to my seat. such a sweet moment.

11 September 2012

so many ravens

clacking in the neighbor's tree this ayem it really does feel like Hitchcock

10 September 2012


a Facebook page for the Theater World Awards I lookd thru my old copies & made a scan of my friend Peter:

& this is the last time I saw him. late summer of 1986 -- the house at 581 Commercial St in Provincetown. 5 months before his suicide.

09 September 2012

traveling on

in 5th grade at Eastern Heights we did a fun project.  Mrs. Beck proposd that the class take a train trip across the country. we were divided into groups -- each covering a different region.  mine was the western states. we wove Indian belts & made corn husk dolls. 

we made our own train tickets & these were punchd at each stop -- presentations on that place.

culmination was an evening program for our parents.

03 September 2012

01 September 2012

moon shots

Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi perform under the moon in Albuquerque the other nite

the last of the blue moon this ayem

maybe it was the blue moon

but once again something happend in a dream that was so startling it woke me up.

I was getting out of an elevator at Chateau Marmont & there in front of me was Denise Gainer.  because in reality I hadn't seen her in decades she was as young & fresh & beautiful as I rememberd her. but strangely in the dream I knew she was dead.  & it was the shock of seeing someone you know is dead that shook me so I woke immediately.

& as I lingerd there wondering if I shd try to go back to sleep I rememberd she was the first girl I ever kissd.  & I even rememberd the taste of her kiss. so I got out of bed. I saw that full moon out the window.  I grabbd my camera & went outside to get a few shots,