27 August 2015

the intersection of cinema & literary histories

my friend Gary was able to sell some of my stuff on ebay.

inc this Michael Keaton Batman bank with cereal that Henry Van Dyke gave me years ago:

I'm back AGAIN

apparently I needed a new operating system.  don't even know what that is.

22 August 2015

here we go again

had my Mac back for a day before it wdn't boot again. neighbor Phil was going to take me back to Dotfoil today but unbelievably they're closed the entire weekend.

I'm pissd......

20 August 2015

Mae Clarke Day

so sez TCM . . . .

& once again here's the picture I took of her years ago in Beverly Hills

09 August 2015

08 August 2015

Agnar Mykle (1915-1994)

today is the centennial of one of Norway's best known novelists.

I confess that it's been so long since I read his Song of the Red Ruby that I don't remember it at all.  but I do recall having great regard for it while I was in high school.  perhaps not quite as much regard as I had for Prokosch's The Asiatics.  but they were both provocative works for a young man.

so when I think of him on this day I'm also thinking of the young me.

06 August 2015

05 August 2015

60 years ago

my friend Tom & I saw Marilyn in "There's No Business Like Show Business."

today is both Tom's birthday & Marilyn's death day.

so I'm remembering them both.