30 July 2016

miserable nite

trouble falling asleep because I was so full of bile caused by Trump & his followers.

then an alarm woke me around midnite. being new to the condo I feard it was the smoke alarm but it stoppd before I cd locate it. however a half hour later it startd up again. most disconcerting.

when finally I was asleep again I had a disquieting dream in which I was forced to the campus of a small college to watch a baseball game.

it wasn't till I woke this morning that I discoverd the alert came from my iphone warning me of a dust storm. in fact right now the air is so bad I can't see the mountains.

26 July 2016

I dreamt

that on 2 occasions Elizabeth Short (aka the Black Dahlia) babysat for d.a. levy

23 July 2016

in transition

the condo is in total disorder. both kitchen & master bath will undergo remodels.  won't be able to finish unpacking & organizing til then.  so everything is a mess.

16 July 2016

being social

with Erik Remy Jenkins & John Kenneth Alexander at Lulu yesterday
(photo by Tony Mataras)

with Bryce McKinney & his portrait at Palm Springs Men Gallery today
(photo by Benjamin Veronis)

the snares of technology

the apparent destruction of Dennis Cooper's blog is a warning to all of us who presume what we commit to the internet is permanent. 

& for those who have forgotten here is my Dennis Cooper story.

12 July 2016

from walls of the past I build today

General Industries

glass block:
Venice Cafe 

large stucco fragment:
2328 Brother Abdon Way
Santa Fe

small stucco fragment:
Blue Moon
Las Vegas

10 July 2016


for nearly 2 months my things were in storage near the airport. it took me nearly a year to pack everything but I'm antsy to get it all organized.

phtot by John Kenneth Alexander

09 July 2016

the latest

my "stuff" is finally out of storage. & I'm writing this on my computer.

give me some time to unpack & organize. will try to return to some regularity here.

03 July 2016

here to there & back

years ago I took a cutting from a favorite cactus at a Palm Springs resort . it liked Santa Fe & prosperd. in fact this spring it bedazzled with its fullest blooming ever. it was one of the few plants I brought on the move. & just now I transplantd it into a large pot.