28 November 2023

on the air

 just taped an interview for the popular radio show "Coach Lynn." ostensibly abt both of my current releases ("Flowers & the Dead" & "The Poet's Bench: A Palm Springs Coloring Book." I think it airs next week.

because poetry isn't high on most people's love list it's always good for me to try to spread the word. 

07 November 2023


 to have this little collection of recent poems come out this month from Bone Machine

09 October 2023

Famous Widows I've Seen

 Edith Bolling Galt Wilson

Eleanor Roosevelt

Dorothy Davenport Reid

Frances Howard Goldwyn 

Valerie Eliot

Miriam Patchen

25 September 2023

Cinema Diverse

 actor Mat Hayes wrote a script for a short movie. his friends Emerson Collins & Del Shores filmd it with Mat in the lead. "Shafted" involves 2 men in an elevator which stops. I saw it yesterday at our gay film festival. & when it was over I askd Mat if he'd pose with me -- in an elevator. he sweetly agreed.