26 May 2024

Emeline Tate

 & I have collaborated several times -- most famously on the Poets Bench. recently she askd for some words for her letter pieces.

what we came up with debuted last nite at her gallery.

24 May 2024


Wallace Colvard just sent me this new piece of his. I love collaborating with artists but this one was a surprise because I didn't know it was happening.

back story: some years ago I wrote these lines for the program of a Nickerson-Rossi Dance concert. then came Covid. concert cancel'd. lines lost. I vaguely recall that Wallace may have been designing that program which wd account for his having this miniature poem.

17 May 2024

a lad with sass


I just postd this recent photo in a new Facebook group. one of the comments was from Thomas Dolby.  one word: "Sassy!"

I'll take that.

02 April 2024

National Poetry Month


to celebrate the month I'm remembering my first chapbook: Into the Sea (Abraxas Press 1969). here I am at my reading to mark its 50th anniversary. it was at the Palm Springs gallery of artist Marconi Calindas.  the cake was the work of Over the Rainbow.

& here I am the other day with a print of the cover.

18 March 2024

04 March 2024

"Ten from Tenn"

altho I have the documentary pages I never photographd the envelopes for this piece. so I sometimes wonder what mite be left out there in the world. when I discover someone has saved it I'm thrilld. I'm grateful to Cynthia for saving & to Jenny for bringing it back to me. & then it will all go to my collection at Kent (which was Cynthia's wish if I died before getting her files).