26 February 2021


 on my morning walk this word jumpd into my head. as far as I can remember I've never uttered this word before. I haven't seen a film or read anything recently using the word. where did it come from? why did it pop out?

22 February 2021

I call the 3 palms

beside the pool

the Andrews Sisters 

their jive

is music

for my swim


I boogie

to their bugle

then flip over

& look up

at their shimmy

filling with the joy

that guides me

thru the day

19 February 2021

20th anniversary

congrats to Robert Hansen who has publishd some 2000 wee books in these 2 decades. he is a poetry hero.

03 February 2021

so do I

 on my morning walk I finishd a poem that's been rattling in my head.

after breakfast I was "organizing" piles & came across a Xerox of a journal I kept in 1968. in a summer entry written at Jean-Claude van Itallie's farm in the Berkshires I relate that after reading one of my poems Joe Chaikin told me "I hope you keep writing all your life."

30 January 2021

2 lines from "Alex in Movieland"

sees "The Dead Don't Die" while eating kale salad

sees "I'm No Angel" while eating a brownie from Trio

27 January 2021

another year another book

 what a wonderful way to start my day. a reader in Holland sent me a photo he'd taken of my new River Dog release Still Marching which had just arrived in the mail. it's a collection of protest poems written over a 55 year period. it continues to amaze me that magazines began publishing my poems in 1962. 

Victor Clevenger & John Dorsey did a beautiful job with this little book. I love their idea to wrap it in a band which replicates the sign I made & used in 2 protests which are subjects of 2 of the poems.