27 January 2020

dream portrait

net sculpture by Megan Evans
photo by Estee Huff
reenvisiond by Wallace Colvard

22 January 2020

50 years ago today

I shiverd in a frigid Ohio winter to observe Robert Smithson create "Partially Buried Woodshed."  the piece became part of my life.

Nancy Holt suggestd to Richard Martin that I write abt the piece for his Smithson issue of "Arts." my cover article in 1978 is probably my most read prose work. & my subsequent friendship with Martin was a blessing.

abt the same time I was filmd at the woodshed for the French tv series "L'Aventure de L'art Moderne." I have no idea if I'm in the finishd work.

I was also interviewd by a reporter from the New York Times abt the work. I was part of a symposium abt it sponsord by Kent's school of art. & I was at Mark Bloch's performance piece there.

in 2002 I found a pair of Old Navy boxers there. they are now part of my piece "Underwear in a Box."

Daily Kent Stater 1975

Lainard Bush photographd me at what's left of the piece in 2014

01 January 2020

the new & the old

put on my new Skechers & went to the gym where I huggd Jack Farquhar Halbert in the shower

brewd Italian coffee from Gary Sielaff which I drank from the Sondheim mug I bought at Kennedy Center

took Aunt Mary's quilt off the bed whose sheets I changed

opend Julia Waida's cedar chest to take out an antique patchwork quilt my parents gave me

ate a Vosges cosmic truffle from Regina Yando

got a call from Bill Berger to alert me abt a tv show abt Eleanor Roosevelt