28 April 2019


sooooooo.... I went to an opening last nite. one of the artists showing— whose openings I always attend — came up to me & sd he was sorry to miss my event. I lookd at him sternly   put my finger on his nose & sd “shame on you.” he was so startled he cdn’t speak.

I’m too old to be polite.

21 April 2019

Easter memories

I disdain religions. most holidays have roots in them. or in commerce. so I have a complicated relationship to holidays.

I was born on Easter but have no memory of that.  I do remember one year Mom making a bonnet when she & her gal pals went to Cleveland for a tv show. she took a plastic plate & affixd to it a candy bar of the day which had the name of some food. something like "Cold Turkey." & then there was the magical time my folks hid hand-paintd plaster of paris Disney characters around the house for me to hunt. how I wish I still had those.

both of my parents loved to celebrate. every holiday was a chance for Mom to eat & for Dad to drink. & for both to share. for today's holiday I have fond memories of them making Easter cheese. I can still see the ball forming in cheesecloth hanging from a door knob & dripping into a big pot.

have I already recorded this somewhere? when you're as old as I & have written as much one forgets. my reason for putting any of this down is that it brings me close to my parents. they both adored holidays. I have both glad & sad memories of such.

I woke this morning with this image in mind & it's one which will carry me thru the day.

05 April 2019

I refuse

to allow this april to be a cruel month. because for me it's a triumph. my first book was publishd 50 years ago this month.

Into the Sea was publishd by Abraxas Press in an edition of  200 copies. I don't know how many survive but several are in important library collections.

I never expectd to live as long as I have. & so many of my contemporaries are dead. so this is quite the milestone.  most of my peers have workd the poetry fields for decades without much notice. but something is happening for me this month that's quite frankly a thrill.

on wed 24 april Marconi Gallery in Palm Springs will celebrate me from 5-8 pm. there will be a give-away of some of my out of print books. & at 6 I'll read a sampling of my work. then I'll unveil a portrait of me by Marconi Calindas.

most seeing this are too far away to join me but I'll be reading to you nonetheless. a half century of books is something.

01 April 2019


my friend Bob is visiting for a week. among his addictions is this place. I've never been. so I joind him for a trip there. we spent 12 hours. fun but exhausting.