27 February 2011

altho I eschew

awards as political claptrap I still watch the Oscars. they often make me mad but I try to calm myself & say it's simply a show.

& while I watch tonite I'm rather amazd that it's been 30 years since the one time I attend'd the ceremony. in those days it was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. & for a change there were a couple of winners who were deserving.

22 February 2011

I've heard

horror stories abt people met online: stalkers   con men   even murderers. yes middens are everywhere.

but the death of my friend Darryl reminds me how much richer my life is because of the internet.

Darryl was one of a group of guys I met in a chat room abt 11 years ago. the wit that flowd there still brings smiles to me. & over the years many of us met in real time. we were a sharing caring bunch. in fact the person who visitd Darryl the most in his final days was one of our group.

so even tho I'm sad right now there is a part of me where joy dances. some of my internet buddies have brought light to a life that too often seems dark to me. & to them I'll always be grateful.

21 February 2011

Darryl Grimm (1950-2011)

we met online several years ago & in person at Cafe DuMonde in 2001. Darryl moved to Las Vegas after being flood'd out of New Orleans. he & our mutual friend Gary Sielaff & I did some good traveling & eating & laughing together in this past decade.

a cupcake calld Strawberry Blonde

1st photo taken with my Olympus FE-47

20 February 2011

o Wisconsin

I feel sorry for its citizens. but they did elect that man governor.

19 February 2011

occupying the square

perfect square:
an integer that's the square of an integer

an integer:
a complete entity

a bullet:
a slice of lead

a head:
home for wonderment

16 February 2011

on the edges of history

part of me has always wantd to be a historian. I'm fascinatd by the stories behind the stories. & there always seems so much to learn & try to understand.

there was a great deal of joy in the revolution in Egypt. I watchd its coverage for days & often wept.

but now we learn at least 2 disturbing back stories. in the unfortunate attack on the Egyptian Museum perhaps as many as a dozen items were stolen   inc a piece from the Tut collection.

& during the celebration on the square following Mubarak's resignation there was at least one brutal attack. reporter Lara Logan was beaten & sexually assualtd.

these 2 incidents are disgusting footnotes which must always be part of this story.

14 February 2011

a valentine

for those who visit here
& another
for those who don't

there have been
& are
so many people
in my life

a kiss
for those who kissd me
& another
for those who kickd me

in my way
I love you all

13 February 2011

such a gorgeous day

I took a little walk
then sat on the blue swing
watching a dog frolic
in the field across the arroyo

12 February 2011

feeling low

& friends come to my rescue. today's mail was full of kind & sweet remembrances from friends around the country. & a neighbor brought me brownies.

10 February 2011

good news

anyone who stops by here from time to time know of my affection for Lois Wilson. this important star of the silent era is best-known today for her performance in "Miss Lulu Bett."

as with several other silent stars & directors it's difficult to accurately judge their careers because so many of their films don't exist. it's estimatd that 80% of all silent films are lost. in Lois' case one of her most important films is gone -- "The Great Gatsby." she once told me that she'd heard there was a copy in Russia.

today we learn that Yeltsin Presidential Library has made a gift to the US of 10 silent films previously considerd gone. one of that number is "The Call of the Canyon" in which Lois stars with Richard Dix & Ricardo Cortez. it may not be "Gatsby" but it's good to know another of her films is back.

08 February 2011


has broken the record for world's longest poetry reading. it's still available on livestream till 11 (EST) tonite.

07 February 2011

05 February 2011

"Cold Morning in Santa Fe"

as I slip on a flannel shirt
my mind joins the 2 million
in Tahrir Square

technology makes me
part of the protest

by the time legs fit into jeans
I'm in Ely Park
twirling in the snow
I walk a block to a coffeehouse
where poets gather to read forever

my body isn't in Cairo
it isn't in Elyria
but I'm in both at once
knowing the world's no bigger
than a spitball
whizzing past me
in Mrs. Beck's class

          4 feb 11:SF

03 February 2011

14 below

this was my coldest nite since moving to the southwest. broke records.

happily the sun's out already & we shd get back into the 40s over the weekend.

02 February 2011


what an appropriate name for a poetry event that begins today. & in my home town of Elyria. so far the world record for longest poetry reading is 120 hours. the goal of Snoetry is 150 hours.

& at 10 p m (EST) tonite John Burroughs will be reading some of my poems. & it'll be streamd live here.

Serge Lifar (1928)

newly discoverd footage of Ballet Russe