27 May 2009

26 May 2009

day of mixd emotions

ever since learning Prez O admires Scalia I've been dreading his high court pick. I confess to knowing little abt Sotomayor. however since Mitt Romey feels her choice is troubling I'm already feeling better.

speaking of Mormons that church must be overjoyd by the decision of the California supreme court.

25 May 2009


have been unable to access my page all day. the note sez it's "maintenance" & that my page will return soon. it's been saying that for 12 hours.

23 May 2009


an early morning hike in with neighbors & dogs before what seems to be an all-day drizzle.

22 May 2009

now we learn

why Cheney is suddenly so visible. the turd is shopping his memoirs.

20 May 2009

second place

no one can see the future. but I feel confident in predicting the careers of Gilles Marini & Adam Lambert will outlast those of the "winners."

18 May 2009


I plan to watch a Mae Clarke movie ce soir I ran to the store to purchase a pamplemousse.

17 May 2009

the panda that never dies

new pix continue to appear online. here's one John Burroughs took of me at The Lit before my reading:

& not to worry: that's only water.

16 May 2009

a week ago today

I read a poem from Ohio Triangle at Daniel's Way:

Christina Brooks capturd the moment & just postd it on Facebook. I'm flankd by Michael Henson & Bree.

14 May 2009

13 May 2009

what if

Michael Jackson remade the Lon Chaney version of "Phantom of the Opera" instead of a staging a comeback in "High School Musical 4"?

Miss California's fake boobs meltd next time she was under the bright lights of another Fox interview?

Dick Cheney wd go back to his secret hiding place?

12 May 2009

"tres versing the panda" (Coventry Village Library)

with Miles Budimir   George Wallace   Steve Goldberg (photo by Dianne Borsenik)

with Angela Jaeger

11 May 2009

"tres versing the panda" (The Lit)

with fellow Elyrian John Burroughs (photo by Judith Mansour)

Adam Perry & Irene Joyce

with Cleveland stalwarts Ray McNiece & Chris Franke

"tres versing the panda" (b-b-q on Berkshire)

with Bree & a plate of veggies

Amy Cunningham   Charlie Potts   Bree   Travis Catsull   Michael Henson

"tres versing the panda" (Daniel's Way)

my first event of the festival was the gathering at the plaque commemorating Daniel Thompson:

in the picture are Amy Cunningham   R. A. Washington   Jack McGuane   Chris Franke   Bree   Byron Coley.

04 May 2009

flying to Ohio

to visit Mom this week.

then on the weekend I'm part of this poetry festival. so if you're anywhere near Cleveland come & say hello:

Saturday Afternoon, May 9, 1 pm (Free)
Gathering at the Daniel Thompson Memorial Plaque (outside the Lincoln Inn, 75 Public Square, Cleveland)/followed by TBA: readers will include Alex Gildzen , Jack McGuane, Eric Paul, Jim Lang, Kisha foster, Valerie Webber.

Saturday Night, May 9, 7 pm ($7 admittance)
Ray McNeice and Tongue in Groove will play, plus poets Alex Gildzen, Angela Jaeger, Byron Coley, Charles Potts, George Wallace, Jesus Crisis, Emma Young, Mary Weems, Jim Lang, Michael Henson, Russ Vidrick, Wesley Eisold & Bree will read at The Lit in the ArtCraft Building 2570 Superior Avenue Suite 203, Cleveland 216.694.0000

Sunday Afternoon, May 10, 3pm (Free)
Alex Gildzen, Angela Jaeger (NY), Bree, Michael Salinger, Ben Gulyas, George Wallace, Eric Paul, Phil Metres, Adam Brodsky, Byron Coley & Wendy Shaffer at the Coventry Library, at Coventry Rd. & Euclid Hts. Blvd., Cleveland Heights, followed by a dinner break on Coventry Road.

02 May 2009

naked interview

Tom Beckett's interview with me is in the new issue of Otoliths.

warning: this may contain more information than you wish to know.

01 May 2009


this brave tram worker
I rode up the moutain inside the gondola.

it was quite a view.