22 June 2023

as far as I know

 these are the only photographs of me writing.

Michael Chikiris shot this when we were roommates in a garret apartment on Willow St in Kent probably in 1964.

Dimitri shot this during our travels in Greece in 1987.

19 June 2023


it happens offer. I conduct a search for something & in the process discover something else. tonite I learnd that late last year Poet's Press brought out the second edition of a book of poems they first releasd in 1972. yes..... that's a half century.

the book is Freedom and Other Times. it's a collection of poems by a classmate of mine in grad school. his name is Bob Carothers. when we were teaching fellows in Kent's English Department in 1967 we began a magazine calld "Toucan." how strange but sweet that after all this time his book is back & I still publish using the imprint of Toucan Press.

I haven't seen or even been in touch with Bob in a very long time. but reading his poems tonite -- especially in the Kent section -- brought back so many memories. I cd see him in class & our heavy conversations after. I cd even hear him recite particular lines I recalld from one of those poems at poetry readings we did in The Cellar & other spots.  it was a time of promise. the promise of youth. & we're both still here to remember it while basking in the successes of lives well led.


15 June 2023

a poetry coloring book

David Wallace Crotty is best known as a photographer. but he also has creatd a series of coloring books. Palm Springs. Historic Hollywood.  San Simeon. Johnson Glass House. I got the idea of collaborating on a book. so I wrote poems based on his Palm Springs drawings.

today we proofd the book. he's sending it on to the printer. we hope to have a local book launch soon.

I don't know if anyone has done a coloring book with poems. I hope not. but even if there is one out there I'm thrilld to be part of this venture. as I say in a series of art pieces "poems are everywhere." & I keep putting them wherever I can.