23 June 2021

"Ghost Portrait"

 that's what Bob calld

the photo he took

at breakfast at Elmer's

you have to look closely

to see me

reflectd in the window


the photographer is the ghost

but I don't have to look closely

to see him

he's everywhere

just like his ashes

which Lisa

has begun scattering

in all his favorite places

& if he knew all this

he'd make that whoosh of joy

& giggle


I'm everywhere"


15 June 2021


among the words that describe me is "archivist." but even for me some things have gotten away. particularly there are a pair that I keep hoping will surface.

I just watchd Miranda July's new film "Kajillionaire." it reminded me that when she was born I wrote a poem called "Ariel to Miranda" which I sent to her parents. every time I see one of her films I go thru files to try to find a copy. perhaps it's tuckd away in my papers at Kent. or will turn up in the Richard Grossinger papers.

then there's a letter I wrote to Jean-Claude van Itallie describing the nite Allen Ginsberg bangd on my door. I recall I once had a carbon copy (remember those?). but haven't seen that in forever. again maybe it's hidden away in my papers at Kent or will be among Jean-Claude's papers -- also at Kent.