31 August 2009

better twitter Witter Bynner?

now that I have a phone that does everything but kiss me I'm trying to be a modern man. yesterday I sent Bob in Fort Worth what I thot was my 1st text. turnd out I pressd the wrong whatever. so just now I tried again.

I don't quite get texting. why not just stick with e-mail? & as far as twittering again I'm in the dark. cd it simply be that it's the newest thing?

30 August 2009


one of the cats who come to the bowl I keep full on the back portal left a gift for me this ayem: a big fat dead gopher near the mounds at the side of the house.

27 August 2009

why people hate government

I've lived in this city for 15 years & always pay my bills on time. last month I forgot to pay the city utility bill.

I just got a disconnect notice in the mail.

26 August 2009

25 August 2009

when gray

comes to Santa Fe it's so surreal that my mood alters. I'm not addictd to sun but I do have a natural inclination against gray.

23 August 2009


this month usually is our monsoon season. but it's been terribly dry. late today a bit of precip with a piddle more predictd for early week.

we need a soaker.

22 August 2009

how fortunate

Santa Fe is to have Yuja Wang perform every summer. tonite was Bach & she was divine. between pieces I chattd with tenor Jorge Prego who calld Wang a genius.

21 August 2009

journal entry from 1968

        13 may

I was "lecturing" my poetry class on Robert Creeley, projective verse & direct communication between poem & reader. As I was reviewing Creeley's biography, he walked into the classroom! The "quick surprise" was the kind of meeting which shd occur between poet & audience. (Creeley's entrance was, unfortunately, a mistake -- he was looking for Jake's classroom.)

18 August 2009

mail woes

for some reason my Cybermesa account is down this ayem. so if you need to reach me I now have another address as well. it's Alex_87505 at Yahoo.com.

17 August 2009

patrician blue

instead of going to the gym this ayem I paintd window frames while that part of the house was in the shade.

16 August 2009

step by step

I'm learning what the new phone can do. here's the 1st picture I took with it:

& it functions here as an update to the progress of the patio.

15 August 2009

learning curve

I rarely use my cell phone. I got one after 9/11 to use mostly during travel. so I've kept it simple. but I felt it was time to get with it & purchase one of the smart phones. so I got an Instinct. I've already had to call Sprint's customer service twice while trying to learn to use it. (& I must say I'm totally pleasd with the quality of service they provide.) of course it does more than I need it to (but so does my computer & almost every other machine I own).

Instinct won't accept my e-mail address which comes from a local ISP so I'm re-establishing a Yahoo account to be able to e-mail when I'm traveling. I suspect having 2 accounts will be more than simple me can handle. but it's important for those of my generation to keep up with technology.

14 August 2009


except for bookstores it's an activity I avoid. however Regina loves it. so between 4 operas & 2 movies & a score of galleries & museums we hit the shops. I actually made a list of things I wantd ahead of time. & naturally -- my cousin got me thru the whole list in 2 hours the very first day she was here.

I did get a flat screen tv & a new phone. the latter does more than I need & it's complicatd as hell but I'm determind to be a 21st century citizen in good standing.

13 August 2009

wonderful week

Regina just left. she always wears me out but I'm grateful for her visits.

12 August 2009

Medal of Freedom

I took this of today's medal winner Chita Rivera with Bobby Lewis when they both were inductd into the Theater Hall of Fame.

11 August 2009


consecutive nites of powerhouses:

Christine Brewer as Alceste
Natalie Dessay as Violette

09 August 2009

at Embudo Station

with Michael Mulcahy   an assisatnt director waiting to direct his own script "Chasing Blood"

08 August 2009

"The Letter"

Somerset Maugham's short story has been adaptd for stage   screen   tv. now it's an opera.

last nite we saw the premiere production of the opera & today the William Wyler film version. in almost every aspect the movie is the superior work of art. Max Steiner's score is more memorable. the screenplay trumps the libretto (altho the latter steals huge chunks of the former). Bette Davis is more engaging than Patricia Racette. Orry-Kelly's costumes are sublime whereas Tom Ford's are a disaster.

07 August 2009


when my cousin comes to town I don't get much computer time so this coming week I may miss a day here.

today we did a great deal of shopping & a fun movie & a swell dinner & a disappointing opera.

05 August 2009


full moon
with beastly heat...
throw in
a bit of a queasy stomach

& I was up
off & on
all nite long.

I remember
dream sequences:
one was
a romantic interlude
at a time share
abt a dog
that was Cinco
didn't look
like Cinco.

02 August 2009

01 August 2009

one of

my boyhood favorites was Sessue Hayakawa.

it was during the height of his comeback which culminatd in his role in "Bridge on the River Kwai." it was later that I found his spectacular work as a leading man in silent films.

last nite TCM did a Hayakawa salute. both films I saw were clunkers   "Three Came Back" & "Tokyo Joe." however he was captivating even in these minor movies. & it was heartening to know that tribute was being paid to an important actor.