27 June 2016

a new start

at 4:10 I got the call that we had closed on the condo. st 5:50 I put the key in the lock on the front door.

23 June 2016


next week marks 20 years since my first visit to Palm Springs. & I will receive the keys to my condo. a busy but exciting time.

19 June 2016


I wish I cd ask him abt his desert training in Thermal. how long it lastd. & if he ever passd thru Palm Springs.

13 June 2016


the enormity of the slaughter in my community didn't really hit till I began seeing photos of the dead

10 June 2016


my first earthquake since arriving. of course it's not the Big One. that's waiting till I put expensive ceramics on shelves.

05 June 2016

Phyllis Curtin (1921-2016)

it's been many years since I interacted with her at Kent State but my memory is that she was not just a great singer but a lovely human being.