27 June 2015

the day after

it began with Ivan Cabrera -- looking as hot as usual -- giving the national weather with a knowing nod to pride weekend.

then I took the bus to town.  did farmers market. & then the reason I came. I call it Santa Fe's 5 minute parade.  except today I think it was 4.

but Jordan Brodie -- in town for "American Idol" auditions -- came from the parade to hand me his card.

& then there's me.

24 June 2015

remembering a panel of poets

yesterday I finishd reviewing the literature section of my book collection -- deciding what to keep   what to sell   what to donate.

in my copy of May Swenson's To Mix With Time I found this notation from that fabled summer at Wagner College:

on 8 July 63   poetry panel (Staten Is.)   w. Kenneth Koch (moderator), Corso, X J Kennedy, Le Roi Jones, Gerard Malanga, Robt. Kelly, Ruth Krauss, Paul Goodman.  not memorable. Kennedy summed it up to Corso: "I don't think it was worth very much."  Arnold Weinstein added his reason 4 nothing happening: "There was no booze."

Weinstein -- best rememberd as librettist to William Bolcom -- caused a bit of a scandal at the writers conference by urinating in public on campus.

strangely I left Swenson's name off the list of participants -- probably because I was writing it in her book so presumed I'd always remember that.

23 June 2015

Dick Van Patten (1928-2015)

I first knew of him via the tv series "Mama."  I still have this postcard which the network sent me when I was a boy.

& here is a picture I took of him on Hollywood Blvd in 2010.

22 June 2015

Gunther Schuller (1925-2015)

I took this picture of the composer in 2009

George "Foghorn" Winslow (1946-2015)

one of my favorite contemporary child stars when I was growing up.

years ago at a film festival in Taos I met this man who claimd to be Winslow.

the reason I say "claimd" is that writer Betty Jo Tucker told me she heard he was a fraud. if he was an impersonator he certainly had the story down & even carried copies of stills from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." believing him to be who he sd he was I thankd him for bringing a great deal of joy to me over the years.

a cameo

I appear fleetingly in this:

17 June 2015

Frances Dee (1909-2004)

last nite I saw the forgotten Gary Cooper movie "Souls at Seas." hardly a great film. but I was enchantd by the beauty of leading lady Frances Dee.

altho they had a couple of rocky moments she was married to Joel McCrea for 57 years. they were worth millions.  & like so many rich stars of that era were Republicans.

I took this picture of her -- still beautiful -- in 1988 in Beverly Hills. she's with Margaret O'Brien & Marvin Paige.

16 June 2015

today's hike

since our trailmaster Jim Fusco moved out of state there have been no hikes. I miss them so sorely that this morning I took off on the trail closest to me. since I don't drive I cdn't get to one of the picturesque trails.  this one is too close to civilization to have the thrill of the wilderness.  but it felt good to walk for nearly 2 hours.

Rail Trail

15 June 2015

in circles

this morning a friend in Hollywood sent me the obit of a soap opera actor who had been an early lover of Robert Drivas.  then not long ago I saw on Facebook a picture from the 1963 Theater World Award ceremony.

from that I editd Bobby who won that year with Daniel Blum who creatd the book & its awards & presenter Carol Channing.

David McDaniel (1948-2013)

remembering him on his birthday

13 June 2015


just rec'd this box from Richard Robert Hansen.  50 more copies of my Buddy Guy poem.  as well as the many colors of d.a. levy (a poem of his I publishd nearly 44 years ago).

11 June 2015

Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

I startd seeing him in horror films when I was a kid. & over the decades he seemd to pop up in so many things -- always with authority despite the thinness of his role.

09 June 2015

mail art

Lloyd P. Minnich (1904-1972) sent this to Dorothy Lieb in 1926.  

I don't know either of them.  I presume Minnich did the drawing.  I no longer remember where I got this -- probably Mom found it at a sale & gave it to me.

08 June 2015


I think winter is over.  so I took the plants out.

this will be the final summer for them here. I'll look for new homes for most of them in the fall.

07 June 2015

I've been to the Tony awards twice

& even tho I don't believe that creative people shd compete for awards this remains my favorite awards show.

here are a few memories from my album for 1984:

with Richard Balestrino

if you don't know who this is I don't know what to think

the quality of this shot sucks.  but Anita Morris looks so magnificent I had to share it

Ronnie Gilbert (1926-2015)

I took this picture of her with Jean-Claude van Itallie at his 50th birthday party

06 June 2015

Richard Johnson (1927-2015)

the other nite I saw an old film with Ray Milland as Bulldog Drummond. & then today I learnd of the death of this actor who also playd that role on screen.

05 June 2015

Steve Martin is

the 43rd person to receive the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award.

at one time this was the most prestigous award in Hollywood. along the way it became a tv event with winners only in their 40s.  so I rarely even watch the telecast.

but in those glory days I went to many of the dinners -- beginning with Bette Davis who was the 5th winner back in 1977.

the last time I went to one was in 1990 when David Lean was honord. & at that dinner I took this picture of Martin:

04 June 2015

a block to look thru

the last poem in the Kent section of Ohio Triangle is "Thru Glass Blocks at Venice Cafe."  this is what I remember it looking like:

but those blocks were removed not so long ago. they were given to Kent Historical Society which decided to sell them. they go on sale at an event there tomorrow.  but Henry Halem mentiond this fundraiser on Facebook.  I jumpd & made the first sale.

my Coca Cola sign

this morning I took down from the kitchen wall this 1930s tin sign. I no longer remember where my parents found it.  but I lookd thru my photo albums to determine the date they gave it to me.

the earliest photo I have of it is this from spring of 1986.

that's poet/publisher Jonathan Williams.  it was the evening he took those famous Polaroid portraits.

02 June 2015

"Funny Ducks"

in 1973 Hugh Fox publishd this little book. one of the best things abt it was the Ira Joel Haber cover.

this afternoon I was going thru more files. I discoverd this cover art which wasn't chosen.  however it's a lovely example of Haber's work.