31 October 2011

"Charlotte Greenwood Kickd Me in the Heart"

we always want to know
was the first

some write
books abt it
scent of memory

I barely recall
a time without
but the first
lies buried

it was when
I saw
that long leg
kick higher & higher
finally above her head

it was that stretch
that made me
movie mad

30 October 2011

don't know

what's become of Beat Hotel but Steve's other property -- Lautner Motel -- recently reopend.

28 October 2011

found this beautiful poster online. my friend May McAvoy with Ramon Novarro.

25 October 2011


for something else I uncoverd this fading color photo:

it was taken in front of the building in which I was born. another photo taken at the same time was used for the cover of The Year Book

24 October 2011

"So This is Hollywood"

I've written before abt how much this 1955 NBC sitcom means to me & my affair with Tinsletown.

tonite I saw Mervyn LeRoy's "Show Girl in Hollywood" (1930) starring Alice White as Dixie DUGAN. early in the film she sends a postcard on which she writes "So this is Hollywood?"

that series I loved starrd Mitzi Green as Queenie DUGAN.

21 October 2011

remembering Paul Goodman

somehow I missd his 100th birthday last month but a new movie abt Goodman suddenly has him all over the place.

on the blog I've only written abt him once
but in The Year Book I wrote at the time of his death:

Paul Goodman
          who once held my hand
          in the backseat
          of a Staten Island taxi
          en route to Frank's Bar

20 October 2011


hard to believe I've had this album for more than 50 years.

but I hadn't seen the movie in as long. however I was able to find it on DVD & saw it last nite. it's hardly a great film but fun & a cinephile's delight because of the cast.

& of special interest to me because of certain cast members.

Edmund Purdom: he plays an important cameo near the end of my new book.

Howard Wendell: his parents were neighbors of mine when I was a boy. see last year's chapbook Elyria.

Bess Flowers: co-star of my recent chapbook Percy & Bess. "the queen of the dress extras" plays Wendell's wife & actually has lines in this film.

Linda Christian: I had a short but spiritd chat with her at a film event some years ago.

Virginia Gibson: co-star of one of the most important tv shows of my boyhood "So This is Hollywood."

& a phalanx of famous muscle men: Steve Reeves   Ed Fury   Dick DuBois   Bert Goodrich & the founder of Gold's Gym.

18 October 2011


thx to Ron Silliman I've discoverd a magnificent site undertaken by Harvard.

so many glorious voices from the past:     Conrad Aiken     Weldon Kees     Laura Riding     Wallace Stevens.

17 October 2011


local news tells me there was a 3.8 abt an hour & a half ago. didn't feel a thing.

12 October 2011

more of the gone

back in my boozing days I saved swizzle sticks. (what didn't I save?) of course many of the places they represent are history. I began thinking abt this when I postd those old Hollywood pix. I opend a cupboard & faced the glass holding the collection & there was the swizzle from Cock'n Bull. during the summer I postd my Sonny Tufts poem which recalls a famous incident at the Sunset Strip restaurant. altho I wasn't actually there for that I did chat with John Carradine at the Cock'n Bull. & had dinner there with my dear friend Richard Martin & other members of the costume fraternity when I was dabbling in that.

& representing the other coast -- the legendary Max's Kansas City.

10 October 2011

out of the past

from that same visit here are some shots of spots no longer there.

the legendary Schwab's & next to it what was left at that time of Googie's:

& the official closing of Tiny Naylor's:

09 October 2011

Hamburger Hamlet

James Duke Mason suggestd in a Facebook post that the original restaurant is closing. actor Harry Lewis opend the Sunset Strip restaurant years ago. it was a favorite spot of Marie Windsor & most of our lunches together over the years were there. here we are in front of the place in 1984:

I feel so cheap

just found a copy of one of my books for sale online for 52 cents.

08 October 2011

still here

this time I went right to my log on page.

after a gloomy day we're back to sun.

& here's another Gildzen site.

06 October 2011

future of this blog

if I go silent here it's because of technology.

to use my new cell phone I had to create a gmail account. in that process something happend with my Google log-in. all morning I was unable to get to the page which allows me to post. then without warning the old prompt came back & I'm able to post this.

but I can't be certain that I'll always have the opportunity to find the old log-in page.

05 October 2011

as I watchd

"The Last Station" I felt particularly old.

it's a period film. abt the final days of Tolstoy. & one of the characters was his daughter Sasha.

I met her in 1968.

04 October 2011

over the weekend

I pickd up the ceramic marker from "Dad's Last Garden" & brought it inside.

I suspect it'll eventually become part of my papers at Kent State.

03 October 2011

only a movie geek

will find this as exciting as I did.

I often ramble around IMDB checking movie casts. this ayem I lookd in on a movie I haven't seen in years which is now available on DVD -- "Athena."

to my surprise Howard Wendell (see Elyria: Point A in Ohio Triangle) plays the husband of Bess Flowers (see Percy & Bess).

01 October 2011

every day

I expect it to be the last of this superb weather. & then comes a gift of another stunner. this ayem I walkd to farmers market & back. & now I'm blending New Mexico harvest beets with Ohio garlic in a Greek recipe. doesn't get much better than this.