30 May 2017

29 May 2017

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

the only time I saw him he rode thru Elyria in an open car. I was near the photographer who I believe took this picture for the student paper.

at a time when the presidency has been reduced to a joke it's heartbreaking to remember when intelligence & beauty were alive in the White House. 

16 May 2017

every morning

I wake hoping the president is dead. instead we get another embarrassing tweet.

11 May 2017


one year ago today & just a month after burying Mom I signd closing papers on my Santa Fe house of 22 years & flew to Palm Springs.

I put everything I ownd into storage while I searched for a new home. in abt 6 weeks I found a condo to which I brought those possessions. there was a grueling period of renovations which took place while I was making friends & becoming familiar with my new city.

one year of a new life playing out while the country struggles with the most disastrous presidency of modern times. one year already.

09 May 2017

Anna Sophie Kovach Hause (1916-2000)

last year I was so busy getting ready to move that I forgot it was the centennial of my godmother.

I had quite the complicated relationship with Aunt Sophie. as a child I adored her. she seemd to be my Auntie Mame. always cracking jokes. & she liked the newest gadgets. she was the first to pop corn on the stove in one of those foil pans. & I recall she bought a sheet of multi-color plastic to tape over the tv screen so she cd claim to have a color tv. she was generous in her way but also boastd abt her giving. she gave me some money for college but I've forgotten how much. however she was fond of telling people she helpd me thru school. & when I was clearing up & cleaning up before the move I cashd in a small savings bond she'd given me decades before for a birthday.

it wasn't til much later that I had to deal with her prejudices & dishonesty. there was a period when I found her embarrassing.

in many ways I'm still trying to balance the many aspects of her life. she remains a colorful figure in our family. I feel she knew I had issues with her but of course we never spoke of them.

however today is her birthday & I'm focusing on the Aunt Sophie of my boyhood where my memories are fondest.

Mom with her sisters Sophie & Mary

Aunt Sophie with me & Regina

Aunt Sophie with a cake she brought to the party for my high school graduation