28 January 2017

in just one week

the new president has turnd the White House into an outhouse. he must be thrown out immediately.  he's done too much damage already.

year of the cock

happy Chinese New Year

on my new kitchen wall: Bernique Longley's rooster painting & a wooden piece from Mom's collection

& this was the kitchen shelf on Winckles St which held part of her chicken collection. I gave  a box of them to Geri & John Burroughs.

26 January 2017

not sure

which is worse: State Department resignations or Mexican fiasco. but coming on the same day it underscores the need for the Trump presidency to end now.

problem -- shd be go to jail or a mental hospital.

20 January 2017

not my president

he lost the election in a landslide
the system was manipulated
by FBI & Russia

I feel shame
& fear

19 January 2017

13 January 2017

"When We Rise"

is the gay "Roots." it airs on ABC next month. it's timely that it comes into view so early in the dread regime of the next president as he & the confederacy of dunces he's appointd to his cabinet attempt to strip all the rights my community has faught so long for.

a delicious footnote is that Rosie O'Donnell appears in the mini-series as the legendary Del Martin. this woman who was so vilified by the candidate in the most despicable campaign in recent memory plays against type.

I'm particularly proud that the opening segment of the series had its world premiere in my new hometown last nite. hundreds of Palm Springs residents took to the streets to protest the election. & if the president elect & his followers think we'll be silent let them be warnd. we will rise again.

with the writer/producer of the series Dustin Lance Black at the after party (photo by Dennis DeGroot)

08 January 2017

road trip

Casa del Desierto (Barstow)

Bagdad Cafe (Newberry Springs)

ghost town (Calico)

06 January 2017

a new friend

Howard Sayette found me on Facebook thru a mutual friend. he moved here 10 days before I did. today we shared pad thai & stories of lives on & off the stage.