20 May 2021

a forgotten poem

 it's been a long time since I opend my copy of "The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas." so when I did today imagine my surprise to find this written in the rear endpapers. altho I have no memory of it I suspect it was one of those exercises young poets do in imitation of those who went before.  I recall writing an e.e. cummings knock-off & lord knows how many homages to Hart Crane. these pieces no longer embarrass me. they simply were part of the process.

13 May 2021


 when Kent State University was establishing its fashion museum I was the acting curator. I was thinking abt that today as the CDC announces that for the most part masks are no longer required. I was thinking that if I were still curator of a costume collection I'd begin immediately collecting the best of masks.

altho their primary use was a practical one that preventd infection many used them as a fashion statement. even significant designers creatd masks. they are an important part of our history & they are apparel. they deserve a place in museums.

Chicago designer Rex Booth created this mask

using fabric designd by Kaffe Fassett

Palm Springs designer Cesar Julio made one of my earliest ones

this is a more recent Julio design

04 May 2021

Kent State -- May 4th

 I've never found myself in any of the photos from those few days. but tonite I was watching a video of "Four Dead in Ohio." I'm not positive but it looks like me in the upper left corner. sitting with a pair of art profs -- jCharles Walker & Doug Unger.  if so it was at an event leading up to the 4th.

01 May 2021

"PS Portrait Project"

 honord to be one of the subjects for the Anthony-Masterson series. they made me & my home look incredible.