29 March 2020

another sunday morning in isolation

persimmon cinnamon pancakes
Italian dark roast coffee
Mahler's First

it cd be worse

25 March 2020

tea party for one

"shelter in place" is one of the slogans of this pandemic. it takes both strength & creativity.

the only time I leave the house is to walk. & my mind uses that time for gymnastics. the other day it came up with my hummingbird poem. & as if in response to that I rememberd Mom's hummingbird teapot.  it's not my style but I do like the bird on the handle. I took it out of its hiding place & decided to throw myself a tea party.

I don't drive so the garage is a big empty space. altho not so inviting it's almost a new space since I'm rarely in it. & with door open it's not so bad. so I set up a small table & brought out a favorite wood chair. it had been left in the basement when I moved into the house on Morris Rd in Kent. I brought it to Santa Fe where I used it in my office. it was one of the few pieces of furniture I also brought to Palm Springs. however it doesn't fit here. so it stays in the garage.

I made orange tea in the pot. served in a cup brought from Greece. with a plate of orange cantuccini from Sienna. it was a bright moment on this day.

20 March 2020

"Pandemic Rose Collage"

what's left of the rose from my last posting
with a trio of Mom's necklaces

17 March 2020

woke feeling gloomy

but I forced myself out into the dark morning. I don't feel old but my ID reveals I'm in the high risk category. so my personal decision is to home isolate. my condo community is a whole city block so I'm able to leave the house to walk.

& this morning was quite glorious. as the sun rose I saw my beautiful mountains. from the beginning they have been a source of strength & inspiration. I listend to birds sing their Top 10. I even startled a pair of ducks at one of the pools. I breathd deeply as I walkd by blooming citrus trees.

when I returnd I ground what's close to the last of my coffee beans. the aroma of brewing coffee is heaven. I pourd the rich brown into my Trevor Wayne naked men mug & had my own little orgy. then I shaved for the first time in a week & gave myself a lavender salt facial. I look so good I may have to date myself. I showerd with nearly the last of my Temecula olive oil soap. then I put on my sexiest underwear & dressd as if the paparazzi were at my door.

with my history of depression I don't where I'll be after 2 months of home isolation. but I'm not alone. so many elders are "sheltering in place." some of us won't make it thru the pandemic. but I've got so much creating still to do. since the government offers no hope I must find it in myself. I plan on working & being fabulous -- even after the coffee runs out & there's no cake in the freezer.

my love to all . . .

10 March 2020

when I was a child

I had this theory that mirrors captured all that happens before them. that we need to find a way to unlock their film.

05 March 2020

to those who orderd my book

printing has taken longer than expectd. however the publisher has rec'd copies from the printer & orders are going in the mail.

thank you all.

03 March 2020

never before

have I walkd into my voting booth
without knowing for whom I wd cast my ballot