29 September 2015

24 September 2015

for sale

those who read me carefully know I expectd to die within the adobe walls of my dream house.

for many reasons that house has just gone on the market. soon I'll find a condo in Palm Springs.

I don't know how long this will take. but I've been preparing for months. the downsizing has been considerable.

this is exciting. this is scary.

23 September 2015

another crash

I guess my Apple is a Lemon.

in the past month it's workd only a couple of days. the techs put in a new OS but that doesn't cure it. for several reasons I don't want to purchase a new one just yet. so I fear I'll have to exist with only an ipad for a while.

21 September 2015

Jack Larson (1928-2015)

he lived with Jim Bridges in a lovely Frank Lloyd Wright house. I only visitd once but it was a time full of laughter & tales of their many memorable friends.

15 September 2015

among apricot blossoms

Andria Derstine is director of Allen Memorial Art Museum. when she came to my house to view my art collection she took this photo.

it's hard to see the work I'm holding but it's a charming Roberto Marquez watercolor.  & it's one of the pieces now at Oberlin.

14 September 2015

boyish jottings

nothing profound but consider my age. this was a bulletin from the Allen abt 60 years ago. it was among the ancillary printd material that accompanied the art to Oberlin.

13 September 2015

a gift

I've written before that my first museum was the Allen Memorial Art Museum on the campus of Oberlin College.  it was near my hometown & I loved visiting. it was where I purchased my first piece of art -- Jean Charlot's "Naval Skirmish."

recently I donated some 40 pieces from my art collection to the Allen & the Charlot was one of those. for me the circle is complete.

Elisa Wike Hurley took this picture of me with some of the work just before movers came to pack it all up & take it away.

besides Charlot the other artists whose work I gave the Allen are Richard Anuskiewicz   Leonard Baskin   Miguel Ortiz Berrocal   Joe Brainard   Emerson Burkhart   David Edward Byrd   Otto Dix   Howard Finster   Paul Flora   John Gill   Ira Joel Haber   Henry Halem   Keith Haring   Grace Hartigan   David Hockney   Jasper Johns   Alex Katz   R. B. Kitaj   Jasper Krabbe   Kirk Mangus   Roberto Marquez   Joan Miro   Mark Mothersbaugh   Joseph O'Sickey   Pablo Picasso   Otto Piene   Fairfield Porter   James Rosenquist   P. Craig Russell      Bert Stern   Arthut Yanoff.

11 September 2015

a footnote on Foghorn

reviewing piles of writings I found a note that claims George Winslow used the name Micajah Mott & appeard as an extra in "Bedazzled" & "Little Nicky" in 2000.

that name is an historical one but I find no reference to it being used in film credits. I suspect I made that note after talking with the man I took to be the former child star.

broken thing on bridge over arroyo

10 September 2015

John Perreault (1937-2015)

this is the John Perreault issue of The Serif which I editd. John publishd me in his one-shot mag Out of This World & I publishd him in A Little Anthology of Lists.  in 1979 Michael Milligan & I interviewd him for Dialogue.

the only photo I have of us together is this one Ira Joel Haber took. that's Marjorie Strider between us.

a bad apple?

for the 3rd time in 3 weeks I got my conputer back from the shop. 2 different technicians were unable to find out what's wrong. doesn't give me much confidence in the brand.

hoping it works for more than a couple of days.

06 September 2015


you can write a poem abt Morris Ankrum you can write a poem abt anything