29 November 2012


Robert Altman's credits I decided to check out his early television work.

to my surprise Howard Wendell appeard under his direction in an episode of " U S Marshall" & two of "Bonanza."

my friend John Ericson did a 1958 episode of "The Millionaire" for Altman.

Percy Helton -- co-star of my Percy & Bess -- was under his direction in a 1960 episode of "Maverick."

& TCM's Robert Osborne -- back in his acting days -- did a bit for Altman in the Craig Hill series "Whirlybirds."

26 November 2012


the publication of Frank O'Hara's "For James Dean" Paul Goodman was all aflutter.  he didn't think the actor was a suitable subject for poetry.

funny how all these years later Dean remains as alive as ever while Goodman is nearly forgotten.

25 November 2012

sadness was choking me
like a serial killer
when the phone rang

it was a pharmacist in India
wanting me to purchase pills
to prop up my parts

I expectd to be angry at him
but he sounded lonely
so I invitd him to tea

24 November 2012

3 years ago

I was at a resort in Fort Lauderdale & took this picture of a plant I liked. 

then I pickd a leaf to take back. I plantd it & now it's blooming.  a little hard to see the blossom but it's the tall plant in the middle.

other plants are from clippings I've brought back from Palm Springs & Phoenix & Culver City & Elyria & Ocean Beach & Hollywood. I love living with them as they keep travel memories alive.

22 November 2012

Thxgiving 1956

429 Winckles St
Elyria OH

cousin Bobby Nolan
Grandpa & Grandma (mostly hidden) Gildzen

21 November 2012

there's an L
on the wall
of room 78
of Inn Exile

it files
last nite's giggles
in an encyclopedia
read only
by the O
in the next room

20 November 2012

caught cold

yes. in Palm Springs. don't know if it's more of climate change but I recognize that I no longer can predict the weather when visiting places I've visitd often.

I packd tee-shirts & shorts.  it was overcast all weekend so never got hot.  & the nites were downright cold.  when I woke shivering in bed I had to turn on the heat.

& when I got back home last nite my house was cold.  the only bad thing abt radiant heat is that it takes time to reheat a house after you've turnd temps down.  I usually sleep naked but last nite I put on a flannel niteshirt & a stocking cap.  congestion woke me once during the nite.

so I suspect today will be abt nettipots & naps.

13 November 2012

Jack Gilbert (1925-2012)

I hadn't read him in decades.  then yesterday a Facebook friend alertd me to the LA Times article abt him.  after reading that I went back to his poems.

& today -- again on Facebook -- I just learnd he died.

12 November 2012

the only time

I ever saw T. S. Eliot's widow was nearly 30 years ago. I remember thinking she was old. actually she was in her mid 50s & I was 40. it was the ceremony for the Tony awards when she acceptd an award given to her husband for that musical.

last nite I read she'd died. it was a surprise because I didn't know she had been alive all these years.

10 November 2012


election's over
& next fight begins

autumn's over
& winter begins

07 November 2012

too excitd to sleep

it was abt 1 in the morning when I finally turnd off the tv.  I sat on the edge of the bed & suddenly burst into tears.  a flock of bluebirds flew from my chest. all day I'd been on the verge of an anxiety attack. finally it was over.

there is greatness in Obama.  in his first term he didn't always please me. in his second term he won't always please me.  but I trust him.

& after just a few hours of sleep I feel this election was historic beyond his victory. I don't remember so many gay candidates ever winning or so many wingnuts falling from favor. 

I need more coffee. & after lunch I'll be happy to indulge in a siesta. this whole election process this time around has been exhasting. but just now I stood in the morning sun & filld my lungs with fresh air & felt good.

04 November 2012

november roses

I took this this afternoon at Museum of Fine Arts:

& Bryan Ockert did this combination of his photograph of me with my poem a decade ago:

no one likes a complainer

but I'm such an advocate for the abolishment of daylight savings time.  here it is 5:30 & I'm up & writing here.  my body AGAIN strikes out against this punishment.

02 November 2012

01 November 2012

gotta love NYC

Living Theater still doesn't have power.  so they're performing tonite by candlelight......