27 October 2021


 James Dean is a wine

Sylvia Sidney a condom

Mae West a life preserver

we who love the movies

turn its stars

into what we need to survive

they can be more real

than some cousins

or drunken tricks

they follow us

from grade school

to assistd living

have a sip or moan

go to the movies

you're alive

26 October 2021

17 October 2021

there's more than one way to wear a bracelet

 among the horrors of Covid is the distance friends have had to survive. I haven't seen Gary Sielaff in nearly 2 years. this weekend he became my first houseguest since the pandemic began.

it was a lovely couple of days of chatter & art & good food. this morning we went to the annual Modernism Yard Sale where he got a quartet of cups. I went purchase less. then we met up for brunch with a friend followed by the Revivals in Cathedral City. there this bowl caught my eye. by the time I was ready to leave I knew I had to buy it.

the writer in me wonders what stories are hidden in each. the artist in me begins to ponder pieces. the stylist in me considers a future of accessorizing.

there were 154 bracelets in the bowl. all but 13 were too small to be wearable for me. but I purchased them less as jewelry & more as material for art.