24 November 2015

David Canary (1938-2015)

I knew him first because his brother John was a student at Kent where he playd the lead in Lawrence & Lee's Thoreau play.

I saw David in summer stock & later in supporting roles in Tennessee Williams' Broadway flop abt the Fitzgeralds.

but of course he was best known for playing twins on "All My Children." I was never a follower of soaps but that one at one time came on just because the local news at noon.  so I'd often see the end of an episode when I tuned in.

23 November 2015

no bites

on house. so off market for winter.

computer still white screen most of the time. & iPad doesn't always allow me to get mail.

add to the mix my not-that-old coffeemaker ended its life.

so even tho I'm not writing poems beside a pool as expectd I try to smile every day. & I'm making collages.

09 November 2015

"Incident on a Bridge"

in the early 60s the Plain Dealer had a small magazine supplement calld TV Week. & for a while there was a competion calld "You Are a Critic." in jan of 1962 I won $25 first prize for a review of the Cleveland episode of "Route 66."

I think my only copy of that review is with my papers at Kent. so I don't know what I wrote.

tonite I watchd that episode for the first time since its original viewing. it opens & closes with shots of my beloved Terminal Tower when it was the tallest building in the city. most of the rest is set either in the Flats or Russian Hill. it's wonderful to see Cleveland then. Stirling Silliphant's script has some moving moments. & the young Lois Smith is radiant.