14 February 2020

a new book

my official bibliography was publishd 27 years ago. the A section is my books & at that time the number was 40. I haven't countd but I presume the current number at least doubles that.

some of the books are small. as a proper father I shd like each equally. but my reaction to each is individual. & I admit that some are more significant to me than others.

however a book is abt to appear which is special. Alex in Movieland (1943-1973) is the first installment of an epic work. since it is my life as a list I've been living it forever. & I've been writing it for what seems as long. the actual writing startd over a quarter century ago. but the idea came before that.

it's not an easy work to categorize. it's sort of the love child of autobiography & conceptual art. I'll let others decide where it fits -- that is if it fits. but for me it's as major as it gets. I expect that I'll be writing the last line of it as my breath departs my body.

& what a better day than Valentine's Day for this book to be announced to the world.  my love & appreciation to John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles Press for bringing it out. & you my dear friends may purchase it here.

05 February 2020

a dark day

the criminal in the White House is acquittd by a Senate of cowards with the blessing of a spineless Chief Justice.

it ain't just Iowa that's broken.