28 June 2018

a bright spot

in such a dark week.....

last month I was hired by Cord Media for a 2-day shoot for their coming ad campaign for Spotlight 29 Casino in Indio. they wantd a "mature" gentleman who was willing to streak. wonderful photographer Eric Schwabel -- who was doing the print part of the campaign -- immediately thot of me. wonder why? anyway I've long wantd to pose for Eric. I had visions of my portrait in one of his beautiful books or on the wall of a swank gallery. so I ended up on a billboard. I'm thrilld. 

didn't learn the exact location til today. it's on Rt 10 heading east just past the Jefferson St exit. so Tony Mataras & I went out. he took photos & video. for that delightful time I put all the bad news aside.

27 June 2018

there goes

the Supreme Court for the rest of my life

if you voted for the turd I never want to see you again

26 June 2018

David Prittie (1954-2018)

"mad abt the boy." the song from a production he was in that I saw & saw again because he was in it.

yes. mid '70s. David was a young beauty at Kent & I cdn't get enuf of him.

eventually we workd together.  in 1976 I wrote a piece for choreographer Connie May. it was called "Crossing." on stage were 2 dancers (Connie & Genie Schoettler) & 2 readers (David & I). I still remember standing next to him in the wings waiting to go on & his sweet greeting. so close it was as if we were abt to kiss. but we had to find our places on stage.

the next year he appeard in the Kent Acting & Touring Company production of my adaptation of "A Christmas Carol."

& then he went off to Yale. & finally to NYC. there he continued to work in theater but more & more off stage. he became well known as a graphic designer.

I have no photos with David. Lainard Bush videotaped a performance of "Crossing" but as so often happens it's gone missing.

it's been many years since I last saw David but he has his own small spot in my heart.

17 June 2018

"For the Children in the Camps"

I wish
my arms were bigger
so I cd hold you
my back broader
so I cd carry you
out of yr cages
to yr parents

I wish
we cd sway together
in a hammock
while I make up
a story abt an elephant
like Dad did for me

I wish
I cd make you laugh

08 June 2018

"The Baker Sisters"

is a series on Food Network. I appear in the Over the Rainbow segment. it's brief but tasty. to see it click here then type in password "baked."

with Jean Parker -- one of the sisters.

02 June 2018

"Cotton Socks" : the project

when I returnd from meeting Kim Novak in San Francisco there was a hole in the bottom of the lavender socks I wore. moments before tossing them I had an idea for a piece. there was another old pair of cotton socks in the drawer that had holes. but it was so fraught with personal meaning I had been unable to discard them. so I brought both together.

   the other pair are pale blue. I purchased them in the Greek village of Tricala in 1987. 
they appear in “What I Wore on the Blue Swing As 1999 Became 2000.” the last time I 
wore them was to the closing party for the Andy Warhol exhibition at Palm Springs 
Art Museum (I’ve got them on in the twirling video) & the one year anniversary 
party at Janssen Artspace.

I have zero memory of where/when I bought the lavender socks. but because lavender is Kim Novak’s favorite color I packd them to go to San Francisco for the 60th anniversary screening of “Vertigo.” I put them on in Room 31 of Willows Inn & walkd down Market St to meet Jim Provenzano for dinner at Cafe Mystique. then we went across the street to Castro Theater for the screening. following that I met its star. I was the first person at the reception to greet her. I’d brought along a photograph she sent me in 1960. she seemd thrilld when I told her it had given me such pleasure over the decades.

so back in Palm Springs with Mom’s scissors I cut 21 strips from the 4 socks. I wrote a poem. with a paint pen I wrote one line on each strip. then I placed each strip in an envelope for delivery.