23 November 2021

sharing past & present leads to the future

 I met Tyson Sacco when he was a year old. I'd known his parents for 7 years at that time. I haven't seen him in many years. but his mother -- the painter Mary Ann Begland -- kept me informed of his progress thru life.

yesterday Tyson & his wife Vanessa saw my bench downtown. he was so excited he calld his mother in NY. she in turn calld me to ask if she cd share my phone number so we cd be in touch. & this morning they arrived at my place for a sweet visit.

of the many things that Tyson sd the one that made me happiest was a memory of being a boy & going to the mailbox to find my serial piece "Postcard Memoirs" & being excitd to do so.

Vanessa took this of us in front of a painting by his mother that I bought more than a half century ago.


16 November 2021

the latest

this was livestreamd last nite
& put on You Tube this morning:


sooooo...... I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't get this link to work. if you cut & paste you can use it. sorry for the bother. some mornings I'm technically challenged.