26 May 2018

under leaves of my frangipani

I learn Jean-Claude van Itallie & Richard Harrison were born within 24 hours of each other.

I suspect I shd let John Bloomberg-Rissman know.

but he knows everything.

25 May 2018

o no

in my current collection Son of Hollywood there is a poem calld "Body Parts." one of the sections is "Owen Wilson's Nose."

I just learnd that the actor is a rightwinger who supports the "president." suddenly his nose is no longer sexy.

24 May 2018

Kim Novak

at Castro Theater in San Francisco for 60th anniversary screening of "Vertigo"

(photo by Jana Asenbrennova)

23 May 2018

Clint Walker (1927-2018)

I was staying at Camp Michael in the Dakotas & saw the proprietor had a photo of Clint Walker so I had myself photographd with it to send to my old buddy Jim Provenzano who has long been a fan of the Western star.

then I took this of Jim himself with Walker's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

& as so often happens just the other nite Jim & I talkd abt Walker over salads before crossing the street to see his most famous leading lady Kim Novak at the Castro Theater.