09 December 2008

R.I. P. Polaroid

this is the last month Polaroid film is being made. who of my generation doesn't have fond memories of this process. I only have a handful of such photos -- including my earliest nude -- but always enjoyd making them.

the last time I posed for a set of Polaroids was 5 years ago when R. B. Sprague took this:


Anonymous said...

At 17, in 1977, I had Kodak's (very) brief entry into the Polaroid market. You put a "box" full of individual paper plates into the bottom of the camera, and when you snaped the picture one ejected and developed over about 5minutes. The result was awful, yet the pack of exposures I took that Christmas remain my most cherished photos. The 1940s Brownies my parents used took better photos.

Looking forward to that nude (ha-ha).

cinemage books said...

those are some blue doors. Is that one of my pieces on the bookcase?

AlexG said...

that was a piece you sent me years ago Ira. I think it's a rejectd part of something. perhaps the back of a box that was abandond.

Montgomery Maxton said...

where's the nude!?