06 July 2024

a hundred years later

yesterday there was chatter online abt the centennial of the first version of "The Enchanted Cottage." the stars were Richard Barthelmess -- one of my favorite actors from the silent era -- & May McAvoy -- who I was lucky to meet.

I did a search & found it on You Tube. not the new restoration but an old muddy print. not knowing when I'll be able to see the new print I watchd what's available. & what pleased me most was May McAvoy's performance. today she's best known for the female leads in a pair of classics -- "Ben Hur" & "The Jazz Singer." however both films are vehicles for strong male leads. she's almost window dressing.

I met May thru our mutual friend Lois Wilson. she was a delight. I have this great memory of her driving us around Beverly Hills showing us where the great silent stars lived. I wish I'd taken notes after our meetings because I've forgotten so much. but I remember her telling me that she considerd her performance in "The Enchanted Cottage" to be her best screen work. & she indeed is luminous.

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