15 March 2023


I just got an e-mail from "The Blogger Team" claiming that a post of mine called "The Dissolve" from June of 2010 was reportd. it was reviewd & deemd to violate guidelines -- specifically "our Malware & Viruses policy." & thus was "unpublishd."

I have no idea what this entry was. nor how one's writing can violate a policy on malware & viruses. I do get an occasional suspicious comment but for the most part this blog has a low readership. & I doubt any of my readers are a Gladys Kravitz keen to report activity outside the norm.

it feels odd that in a writing career of some 65 years I'd have something of mine "unpublishd." perhaps I shd be happy that some snoop is going back to read my old posts. however it does raise questions abt the "mortality" of what we put online. I'd hate to see this blog which I began in 2004 dissolve. & it does make me happy that last year Crisis Chronicles Press publishd my "Arroyo Chamisa: poems rescued from a blog." I'd hate to have all those poems disappear.

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