05 March 2005

my Dennis Cooper story

a friend just sent me a review of Cooper's most recent novel. I must admit I haven't kept up with his work.

in mar '81 I wrote to Cooper. he was booking the Beyond Baroque readings then. I was coming to LA the next month to attend the Academy Awards & was hoping I cd do a reading. he wrote back saying the readings were bookd but gave me his phone number & suggestd we meet. he liked my James Dean poem.

I no longer remember all the details of our call. I was on my bed at Chateau Marmont & have the recollection that the conversation had tinges of mystery & sexuality. we agreed to meet at a theater. there was a French film festival going on & we both wantd to see the new Chabrol. I think it was at what once was the Earl Carroll Theater. since we'd never seen each other I told him I'd take my copy of Idols.

so there I was in that lovely lobby walking around   looking at every young man who passd. I'd try to lift my copy of Idols but not wave it abt. no one came up to me. I saw the movie & when it was over waitd in the lobby till it was empty. then I took a cab back to the hotel.

I didn't call Cooper again nor did he phone me so I don't know if he was unable to show up or if he was there & seeing me with his book chose not to meet. because we were both poets I was annoyd at the non-meeting. but as the years have sped by it seems an amusing tale. I prefer to think he was there but was playing a trick on me.

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