21 July 2015

Tom & all that

change is all abt ups & downs.  ups are elation of dealing with the new.  downs are abt accepting necessary ends.  "every day a little death."

I think my current tussle with anxiety & depression are an offshoot of the major change on my doorstep.  as I unburden my load I'm delightd to have fewer things to deal with but as quiversome as that can be there is indeed a moment of sadness in letting go of so much of my past.

as I review books I've found some funny inscriptions from my old friend T. R. Queen.  I've written abt him before because he is an important character in my life. 

he had the quickest wit of perhaps anyone I've ever known.  in one of our yearbooks he wrote: "Don't forget all the years at E.H.S. I realize that this is an old cliche, but so are you."

it's been some years since I've heard the BBC recording of our friend Roberta Elzey Berke's script "Backwards Through the Funhouse." if I recall Simon Callow plays the part based on Tom.

his birthday is in a couple of weeks. his death remains a shock after all these years.

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