02 June 2009

the last movie

I saw at the festival was Joseph Pevney's "Female on the Beach." the camp classic cd easily be remade today with Charles Busch in the Joan Crawford role & a cameo by Lypsinka in the Judith Evelyn part.

as a surprise several members of the director's family were on hand for the screening. since Pevney had been married to Mitzi Green I was delightd to see 2 of their children there. here is Jan Pevney Holt & Jay Pevney:

after the film I had to introduce myself to Jay & tell him how much his mother meant to me. she was a child star in Hollywood   best known for playing Becky Thatcher twice & Little Orphan Annie. on Broadway she was the star of the original production of "Babes in Arms" & late in her career playd Mama Rose in the Las Vegas mounting of "Gypsy." but what I remember her best in was the 1955 sitcom "So This is Hollywood." she plays stunt woman Queenie Dugan. it only lastd 24 episodes but was for me one of those pivotal early tv experiences. in many ways it shaped my version of what Hollywood was. & even now when I walk some of the quiet side streets of Hollywood & see those old bungalows I think of the series.

I was 12 when I sent Miss Green a fan letter. she sent me this picture:

ironically when I told Jay how much "So This is Hollywood" meant to me he sd he'd just seen an episode the nite before.

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