14 July 2008

a respite

in the middle of my sultry week longtime internet bud Luca drove Durl & I to Utah to see Zion National Park. it was lovely & I did my dimes piece there. but then we drove to an even more spectacular spot. Cedar Breaks National Monument is a rich wildflower forest where Durl caught me auditioning for the bus & truck "Sunset Blvd."

then suddenly the forest ends with a dramatic cliff that falls into a miniature Grand Canyon.

& the temperature was enchantingly in the mid 70s. the place was glorious to eye & skin.


longjonblu said...

Pardon my intrusion on your blog by I was struck because you live in SF. I spent 25 wonderful years there and love it despite it's flaws. Why I left I will always regret. Again pardon me. John

AlexG said...

every place balances plus & minus. I've been in Santa Fe for 15 years now & still love it.

thx for stopping by John. I like yr dog photos.