01 February 2008

new chapbook

Bree is to Cleveland today what d.a. levy was 2 generations ago. she's a poet/artist who makes by hand chapbooks of the writers she likes. I'm honord to be joining that group.

the 9 poems in this little collection are of recent vintage & on the raw side (except   Jean   for a tender poem abt my late cat Melina).

cost of book & shipping is $6. Bree sez:
send check/money order/credit card number to
Green Panda Press
3174 Berkshire Rd.
Cleveland Heights
Ohio === 44118
or inquiry via email:greenpandapress@yahoo.com


Tom Beckett said...

You're on a roll, Alex. Congrats.

richard lopez said...

congratulations, alex! looks like a beaut. sending bree 6 bucks on monday.

Anonymous said...

I gotta have it! E-mailing Bree right now....

Anonymous said...
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