01 January 2005

passacaglia for the new year

last nite I went to bed before the 10 o'clock news. so I was asleep when 2005 began.

I startd the morning by listening to the recording Benjamin Britten made in 1958 of highlights from his 1st opera "Peter Grimes" featurning his partner Peter Pears. it seems as if several Britten operas are being producd across the land this year. so I've made this my Britten year.

breakfast was french toast & Kona coffee in my Elysium Resort mug. then the slow dance of the mundane (laundry   litter box   & the endless et ceteras that compose a day). a shower with oatmeal soap from Quaker Square before slipping into my Marsden Hartley tee from Kansas City & Bob Barnes' cargo shorts. then I hit the bookshelves. in the process I sustaind a paper cut. the blood on my finger brought me back to a distant New Year's Day in Venice when I began a year by bleeding. I settld into poems by Maggie Anderson & Thomas Meyer.

lunch was split pea soup (bowl had been Julia Waida's  '   spoon was purchasd in Vienna) & a frangipane tart from Desert Desserts with green tea. this afternoon I tried to read on the couch with Melina snoring on my chest. my mind wanderd into a memory forest. because of some recent writing I conjurd an image of the linoleum floor in my undergraduate room at Stopher Hall which Kent State University destroyd last year. then I rememberd a brief meeting with Jeffry Milton Sills but I can no longer bring back his face.

& so another year begins . . .


Moi said...

"...the slow dance of the mundane..."

I love it! Had a relatively mundane day 1 myself. Slept till past noon, watched a bunch of CSI & CSI Miami episodes (plus a Law & Order in memory of Jerry; also played the Promises Promises CD). Cuddled with the dog, who is feeling a bit punk (too many New Year's Eve treats). Called a few long-lost friends in the US.

Next time, hit the bookshelves a bit more gently so you don't bleed! And what happened in Venice? Sounds like there is a story there.

Here's to a glorious 2005 for us all.


Judson said...

"I conjurd an image of the linoleum floor in my undergraduate room at Stopher Hall which Kent State University destroyd last year"

That is impressive. I have a mind full of details no one else is interested in, (like almost 3 years worth of what I wore on a daily basis from jan 1989 to august 1991), but somehow the linoleum in a dorm room seems perfect.

Malibu said...

I'm very honored to know you began the year in my shorts! And just reading how you remembered flooring suddenly jarred a childhood memory of the ceiling in my grandmother's house. I used to lay in bed at night and count the squares of ceiling tile.