31 October 2014

happy & not so

this was taken at Halloween 5 years ago in room 112 of Blue Moon in Las Vegas. the paper pumpkin -- which right now is on my mantle -- & cat were among spooky items Dad bought at some sale & gave me. the manuscript was one of many pieces I wrote in that hotel over the nearly 11 years I stayd there. & the Warhol notebook I bought at his retrospective at MOCA. it's a volume of my Wanderbuch.

29 October 2014

I'm no fan

of reality tv but I just watchd "Rival Survival" because Martin Heinrich is my senator

& because I thot it was a fascinating chapter in current American politics.

the show had Heinrich (a Democrat) with fellow senator Jeff Flake (a Republican) working together to survive a week on one of the Marshall Islands.

because it's only an hour (minus commercials) there's more left out than was there. we see them eat one clam during a full week in the sun & they live. probably Discovery Channel found it too boring to be a series. but one does feel cheatd. however it was fun to see perhaps the two best-looking men in the Senate running around in such conditions. & it certainly is good for their careers.

27 October 2014

Doug Baird (1950?-1986)

Facebook is getting a lot of shit lately. people dropping out for this reason or that. but I still spend time there & enjoy the community it brings to me.

recently someone postd photos taken at a reading at Shelly's bookstore in Kent originally published by the Akron Beacon Journal in 1975. these are of Doug:

I never knew him well. mostly we'd see each other at bars. I recall only one really long conversation. but his suicide sticks in my quilt of Kent memories.

after seeing these photos I startd to think abt him. I lookd up his poems

A haiku

footprints of my past
faint scent of a mountain cat
to the grazing deer

& short stories

"Hi Bud," Hank managed, suppressing an impulse to rush out the door toward the horizon and make a desperate leap for that hole in the world.

I began to wonder what he wd've written had he lived longer. I began to wonder what time wd've done to his good looks. I began to wonder if he wd've been on Facebook & we wd've been friends there & gotten to know each other better than we had all those years ago.

25 October 2014

spectacular day

when I got home from the gym I read some dream songs. then put on the shirt Sal added to the box as a surprise & sunglasses some gentleman left after my final bbq at Blue Moon. I hit the rail trail for a 2-hour hike.

when I returnd I prepared a sumptuous lunch & took it outside to my beautiful wood table. I enjoyd every bite while looking at a yard of cactus & hollyhock & juniper.

before I nap let me say a bit more abt the tee Sal sent. it's from Fligner's. this famous supermarket is across from St. Joseph's Hospital in Lorain. when Dad had appointments at the VA there he always stoppd at Fligner's to load up. as I recall my parents were particularly fond of their bacon. & at this moment I have in my freezer some of Fligner's garlic-smoked kielbasa.

this is the back of the tee:

John Berryman (1914-1972)

today is his centennial

24 October 2014

Mom's camel

my cousin Sal back in Ohio was storing a few last items from 429 Winckles. the box with them just arr'd. & there was this:

I have no idea when or where Mom got this piece.  & I'm not sure why I decided to keep it. there's simply something so eccentric abt it that it's a sweet memory.

in this picture of Dianne Borsenik on her last visit to that house you'll see the camel in the background:

23 October 2014

18 October 2014

"all visual stuff"

before morning got light it raind. that made the day cool. sun's out now but it's windy. I'm drinking the last of the coffee.  it's cold too. & stew's thawing on stove.

I just finishd reading the Green Panda edition of d.a. levy's Suburban Monastery Death Poem. it's been a while since I read it all the way thru.  it's weird to read now that I'm one of those "golden agers" levy didn't want to become. kept making me think what he'd be like if he was still alive & what he'd be writing.

but this edition is more than levy. the goddess that is Bree publishd this. but she also illustrated it. it's as if she climbs into yr head while you're reading & pulls out the images we all make.

so it's still levy. but it's also Bree. & it shd be you & me too.  

I cd point out some witty Bree touches like what she does with "a beautiful set of jugs." but I'm not a critic nor a killjoy. buy yr own copy & roll around in it.