24 May 2016

bizarre dream

fretting over zika while waiting to board an illegal
skiff to Guatemala for an arranged marriage

22 May 2016

tea dance

really? in 2016? I presumed this moment of gay history was just that -- history. judging by the crowd at Oscar's it's alive & well.

gentlemen of my vintage will remember those historic tea dances in Provincetown & Fire Island. & the majority of those still dancing today are at least my age. it all felt like a time wharp.

since I no longer drink & only dance naked in my living room I doubt I'll make this a habit. but it was amusing to observe.

19 May 2016


emotionally I'm a citizen of Palm Springs. my body however is another matter.

the change from that cold spring of Santa Fe to the intense heat of here is major. I've never been much of a water drinker but here it's essential. I seem to sweat constantly.

altho I'm learning the bus routes it's hard to break my walking habit. here it wears me out. so much walking each day that I have blisters.

but change is good as one ages. this is a report not a complaint.

14 May 2016


my first 2 nites in Palm Springs were marrd by nitemares. probably the stress of such a major move. but last nite was dreams. & the sweetest: I was at a political fundraiser. at a table sitting next to Judy Garland. at one point she was askd to sing. she remaind in her seat & in perfect voice sang while looking straight into my eyes.