03 March 2015

homage a Dad

this ipad picture isn't very clear but I was so hungry I ate instead of reshooting

National Pancake Day

here's Dad who always enjoyd making pancakes.

& here he is in the army where I'm sure he perfectd his pancake skills.

hard to believe he's been gone 7 years already.

01 March 2015

first day covers

this is me at the Y.

the adult is activities director P.F. Johnson. & the activity here is stamp collecting.

one of the things Mr. Johnson encouraged us to do was send in for first day covers.  I put mine together in a little blue photo album which has my first bookplate.

as I attempt to lighten my load I'm reviewing my past & finding new homes for "stuff." this little album has 27 first day covers as well as a set of 3 Grace Kelly wedding stamps & some miscellaneous envelopes.

also for the rabid Gildzen collector you'll see one of my earliest autographs on the Nebraska centennial cover in the photo.

if anyone is interestd I'll part with this treasure for $75 (or the best offer).

28 February 2015


as I recalld the publication of the portfolio in honor of the library's dedication I rememberd something else. I also brought out a separate publication as a keepsake to be given away at the dedication. for that we used Gary Snyder's poem from the portfolio. there were a thousand copies & dealers are asking betwen $50 & $225 for that.

however I have a signd one. & I don't remember how many Snyder signd. the bibliography lists the broadside as item B63a but makes no reference to those he signd.

27 February 2015

Warhol ephemera

in my copy of The Life and Death of Andy Warhol:

a 1966 newspaper ad for when I saw the Exploding Plastic Inevitable in Cleveland

& a first day cover of the Warhol stamp

26 February 2015

25 February 2015

a director's actor

I met Dan O'Herlihy (1919-2005) in 1959 when producer Ross Hunter brought him to Cleveland for the premiere of "Imitation of Life."  last nite I saw him in one of his last films "The Dead." as I was watching I began thinking how many important directors he'd workd for during his long career.  so I lookd up his filmography & made this list:

Carol Reed
Orson Welles
Ben Hecht
Luis Bunuel
John Frankenheimer
Douglas Sirk
Tay Garnett
Sidney Lumet
Tom Gries
Sergey Bondarchuk
Blake Edwards
Paul Verhoeven
John Huston
David Lynch

24 February 2015

Restaurant Week

a fun way to try new places in town.

just back from Terra Cotta where I startd with portobello bisque which was smooth & flavorful. then pork schnitzle with potoatoes & red cabbage. dessert was sweet potato cheesecake with maple icing.