27 November 2020

day after

yesterday I did Pandemic Thxgiving with the self assurance of a loner. today startd well with golden time in the pool but then a snafu which will delay delivery of my laptop. so I decided I'd see if I can post photos here on my phone. I think I can.

23 November 2020


 sooooo.... my computer crashd. I'm doing this on my phone to see how that works.

29 October 2020

scatterd like seeds

 Robert Hansen is an extraordinary figure in contemporary American poetry. for years now he's been publishing tiny books. he's done over 2000 titles. the series is calld "poems for all." & besides sending them out into the world he generously gives his poets copies to scatter as well.

over the years he's done several of mine. I delight in giving them away.  recently he surprisd me. he saw photos online of The Poet's Bench & turnd them into a wee book. he sent me extra copies so that I cd leave some on the bench which I did this morning.

14 October 2020

doing my duty

 I first voted for president in 1964. I haven't missd an election since. in the 3 different states in which I've lived I've happily waitd in line. it seems to me the most American activity there is & it always makes me feel good.

however this year is like no other in my life. my state maild out ballots. I got mine yesterday. so this morning I voted from my house for the first time ever. then I put on Dad's American flag cap & walkd my ballot several miles to the official drop off box. unfortunately the dastardly Republicans of my state have distributed fake drop off boxes. the GOP here is as evil as in the South. & we know what the president's pawn has done to the postal system. so I was determined to witness my very own hand putting my ballot in the proper & safe place. we must all do our part to rid the country of this mentally-ill man & disinfect the White House.