30 March 2015

more inscriptions

James Broughton

Paul Metcalf

Thomas Meyer


in reviewing my library as I send off so many volumes to Kent I find much I'd forgotten.

Richard Howard was a house guest in 1974. here's what he wrote in my copies of a couple of his books:

"For Alex Gildzen
who has (quickly) become 
one of mine"

Alone with America
"For Alex Gildzen
with whom I am
not alone"

reading these now they seem like stock responses. wd be interesting to compare with the copies of others to see.

& then there are the marvelous inscriptions of Kenneth Irby:

29 March 2015

hiding in plain sight #3

Kevin McCarthy came to my house in Twin Lakes one fine day in 1976 to make use of the swimming pool.  while there he took some photographs. & they turnd out to be the best photographs I now have of that property.

this one has me in the living room:

but as I've begun doing at this stage of my life I'm reading the photograph not so much for me but for what's around me. & there in the background is the Anuszkiewicz seriagraph which looks down at me as I type & near it Berrocal's "Mini-David" which is on top of the shelves on the other side of this room. there's the antique doll's head from France which Mom bought me when I took her to Manhattan so many years ago. I still adore that piece.

there too is the old gumball machine my parents gave me for Xmas of 1972.  it's currently in my kitchen. I see a Judy Collins album & my Rockwell Kent edition of Moby Dick -- both of which are in my great room.

28 March 2015

the rest of the story

so I return to the file cabinet & pull out another stack.  & suddenly I found this:

the mind is strange. a dozen years after all this I still remember that "Halloween" image. but I'd totally forgotten that Joel kindly sent me this next.

& this time there's a printout of my response:  "I told you while posing that I trust an artist. so when I saw the 1st image (which came in an envelope with a Warhol stamp) I thot…. o well   my nose & lips ARE my worst facial attributes. if that's the way he sees me so be it. anyway I guess I'm more vain than I thot. the new image (which appropriately came with a Cary Grant stamp) does make me feel like a movie star."

another surprise

& so one more respite from plowing thru files. this certainly was enuf to stop me.

in the fall of 2003 Joel Singer photographd me in his NYC studio. I was excited. I'd be joining the likes of Mark Morris & Jonas Mekas in his portrait gallery.

a couple of weeks later I got an envelope from Joel. I rippd it open in anticipation of seeing his portraits. this is what greetd me. 

after the shock I was hurt. I cdn't believe that this was how my friend saw me.  I must've eventually recoverd enuf to write him because tuckd in the envelope is a printout of an e-mail response. Joel wrote: "sorry to have alarmed you with the first image. it was meant as a Halloween mask and certainly not as a 'serious' portrait."

I filed that away & haven't seen this image again until today. it continues to disturb me. so now it goes into the next Kent box just waiting to frighten whoever one day comes across it.

Icebox Beauties of 1999

in reviewing my correspondence to my parents before sending it off to my collection at Kent I discovered this piece:

when I did it I didn't photograph each piece so it was exciting to see this. the work appears in Making Circles. as you'll see there I did photograph another from the series:

copying that brought back a memory of a photograph of one other piece in the series but I don't know where that is.

hiding in plain sight #2

the other nite I was channelchasing & came upon Bill Raymond gueststarring on "Miami Vice." in 1985 I appeard in the Mabou Mines production of "Cold Harbor" on campus. Bill was the lead. during that time I had a party for Bill & the others who came from NY (including Ruth Maleczech & Dale Worsley). here's Bill in my kitchen on Morris.

the thing I see this time is the matchbook collection in the glass jar on the fridge. this was exactly 30 years before my piece "Matchless."  that jar is on the floor near me as I type with some of those same matchbooks in it.  others of those matchbooks are now scatterd across the country.

& on the fridge is the postcard of myself with James Broughton in "Jungle Girl." on the walls in the background are posters by Robert Schultz & James Rosenquist.

27 March 2015

hiding in plain sight #1

this is Newbery medalist & MacArthur fellow Virginia Hamilton (1934-2002) in my office on the 12th floor of the Kent State University Libraries in the mid-'80s.

but what interests me today are those shelves that I wd see from my desk everyday. there is an Ira Joel Haber drawing which is now in my bedroom. & that exquisite Henry Halem piece which is also in my bedroom. next shelf down is the portrait of Mom which Dad took to war. it's now in the guest room. beside it is a memento which the American Film Institute gave to special donors. it's in the guest bathroom. & on the next shelf is a James Dean postcard which I think was sent by Edward Field.

26 March 2015

2 artists named Craig

it was 1984 on Morris rd in Kent. I was giving a party to celebrate the publication of P. Craig Russell's Elric of Melnibone. I took this picture of the guest of honor (on the right) with another friend of mine -- the painter Craig Lucas.

it's not the best photo of either of them. but it's important to me now because it may be the only picture I have of the 2 of them together. & both of them have been on my mind in these past few weeks.

for those who mite ask: the painting is a portrait of me by Billie Jo Clayton.  & the print is my only Picasso.

25 March 2015

blossoms real & created

Andria Derstine was visiting this morning. I had her take a picture of me with my beloved apricot tree & a lovely little Roberto Marquez watercolor from 2000.