17 August 2017


tonite I found a batch of comments all new to me.

when I moved I changed e-mail addresses. there were so many things to do I never went into my blog settings to change the address in the section on forwarding notice of comments.

so if you wrote & I didn't respond I'm sorry.

15 August 2017

rant against the "president"

I do that frequently on Facebook. however not so much here. but day after day of evil from this idiot is wearing me down & infecting all my actions.

I wake up every morning hoping to read his obituary.

06 August 2017

my idea of Hollywood

a Facebook friend just postd some screen captures of the William Holden episode of "I Love Lucy."  so I watchd that classic show again & laughd as deeply as I'm sure I did as an 11 year old.

when I lookd it up I saw its original showing was on 7 feb 55. that's a month after the first episode of "So This is Hollywood."  I've written before abt how influential that sit com was on my notion of what Hollywood was.

so the short-lived Mitzi Green series & the Hollywood episodes of "I Love Lucy" came together to inform my young mind abt the movie capitol of thw world.

after I grew up -- & startd visiting Hollywood regularly -- things changed. however on my walks of those old neighborhoods I'd think of Queenie picking oranges every time I passd a group of bungalows straight out of that series. & I bet that the first time I went to the Brown Derby on Vine I rememberd Bill Holden as I orderd Cobb salad.

in some ways Hollywood for me will always be that mythical place that it was when I was 11.

31 July 2017

Jeanne Moreau (1928-2017)

I've told these tales before but for the record here they are again:

1) in 1984 I attended the AFI salute to Lillian Gish. after the ceremony I went over to the head table which the silent screen star shared with a circle of powerful & talentd women of cinema. & there I was face to face with Moreau. I don't recall all I sd to her but I do remember asking abt distribution of her Gish documentary. seeing Gish & Moreau together was a stunning moment.

2) exactly 5 years later I was sitting in Plaza del Triunfo in Seville when Moreau & some male pals sat at a nearby table.  I wasn't close enuf to hear any of their conversation but it evident they were all enjoying each other. when they left I went to her table. at her place was her crumpled cigaret pack. altho I abhor smoking I took the pack. I needed a souvenir to bring back to my friend David Meredith. "Jules and Jim" was his favorite film. so when I got back I gave him the pack. I suspect it got tossd after David's death.

23 July 2017

Big Bear

I moved to Palm Springs a bit over 14 months ago. yesterday I returnd from my first vacation since the move.

Dennis De Groot drove us to Lake Arrowhead for lunch then to the cabin of our host Brian Webb & his companion Rolando Ramos in Big Bear Lake. it was a lovely respite from the valley's heat wave.

Dennis & Brian

with Luis Osuna (photo by Dennis)