23 June 2016


next week marks 20 years since my first visit to Palm Springs. & I will receive the keys to my condo. a busy but exciting time.

19 June 2016


I wish I cd ask him abt his desert training in Thermal. how long it lastd. & if he ever passd thru Palm Springs.

13 June 2016


the enormity of the slaughter in my community didn't really hit till I began seeing photos of the dead

10 June 2016


my first earthquake since arriving. of course it's not the Big One. that's waiting till I put expensive ceramics on shelves.

05 June 2016

Phyllis Curtin (1921-2016)

it's been many years since I interacted with her at Kent State but my memory is that she was not just a great singer but a lovely human being.

30 May 2016

flower drop

what we celebrate today too often becomes the holiday that starts summer. but this year it was different for me.

for the first time in 20 years I went to the Palm Springs Air Museum. they had a ceremony marking Memorial Day. & at the end they rolld out a B-25. it took off to join some other smaller vintage planes for the missing man formation. then it returnd to drop flowers on the field in memory of those lost in combat.