17 June 2018

"For the Children in the Camps"

I wish
my arms were bigger
so I cd hold you
my back broader
so I cd carry you
out of yr cages
to yr parents

I wish
we cd sway together
in a hammock
while I make up
a story abt an elephant
like Dad did for me

I wish
I cd make you laugh

08 June 2018

"The Baker Sisters"

is a series on Food Network. I appear in the Over the Rainbow segment. it's brief but tasty. to see it click here then type in password "baked."

with Jean Parker -- one of the sisters.

02 June 2018

"Cotton Socks" : the project

when I returnd from meeting Kim Novak in San Francisco there was a hole in the bottom of the lavender socks I wore. moments before tossing them I had an idea for a piece. there was another old pair of cotton socks in the drawer that had holes. but it was so fraught with personal meaning I had been unable to discard them. so I brought both together.

   the other pair are pale blue. I purchased them in the Greek village of Tricala in 1987. 
they appear in “What I Wore on the Blue Swing As 1999 Became 2000.” the last time I 
wore them was to the closing party for the Andy Warhol exhibition at Palm Springs 
Art Museum (I’ve got them on in the twirling video) & the one year anniversary 
party at Janssen Artspace.

I have zero memory of where/when I bought the lavender socks. but because lavender is Kim Novak’s favorite color I packd them to go to San Francisco for the 60th anniversary screening of “Vertigo.” I put them on in Room 31 of Willows Inn & walkd down Market St to meet Jim Provenzano for dinner at Cafe Mystique. then we went across the street to Castro Theater for the screening. following that I met its star. I was the first person at the reception to greet her. I’d brought along a photograph she sent me in 1960. she seemd thrilld when I told her it had given me such pleasure over the decades.

so back in Palm Springs with Mom’s scissors I cut 21 strips from the 4 socks. I wrote a poem. with a paint pen I wrote one line on each strip. then I placed each strip in an envelope for delivery.

26 May 2018

under leaves of my frangipani

I learn Jean-Claude van Itallie & Richard Harrison were born within 24 hours of each other.

I suspect I shd let John Bloomberg-Rissman know.

but he knows everything.