09 December 2016

abt a brick

here is the first poem in my suite "Towns from Trains" :

            Barstow  CA

startld awake at 4 in the morning
I see from my window
arches of Casa del Desierto

"I must be in Spain"   I think
then turn over
to dream of Cordova

the reason I return to this 1997 piece is this:

my neighbor Estee Huff gave me this brick because we had a long discussion which involved among other things the Harvey Girls. an earthquake apparently shook loose some bricks from Casa del Desierto which was the Harvey House in Barstow.  they were sold to make money for the reconstruction. because of our conversation (& the brick in my atrium piece) she bought bricks for herself & me.

rarely do people respond to my work in such a creative way. I was moved by her insight & generosity.

05 December 2016


isn't so much abt where I want to hang it
but where it wants to be hung

29 November 2016

life in Palm Springs

this morning I postd an "I Love Lucy" clip on a friend's Facebook page. shortly thereafter I walkd down the block to my grocery store. & who shd roll her cart past mine but Lucie Arnaz.

13 November 2016

Lupita Tovar (1910-2016)

I used to see her at Hollywood events. & then I met her in Santa Fe when she came for a film festival. a lovely woman.

10 November 2016

where do we go now

unite. never.

respect this racist. never.

when George W. Bush was inaugurated I wore a black armband.  I felt so alone. I hope that when this monster is inaugurated I will be able to join thousands across the country in demonstrations.

all day yesterday I was full of fear & anger & depression. then the young people took to the streets last nite. it was glorious. we can't listen to the pundits who faild us who now normalize this vulgarian who didn't win the majority of votes. we must challenge him daily.