08 October 2019

another piano

photographer Stephen Baumbach has coverd a piano with photographs he's taken over the years. & today he added a poem of mine. I went to his studio to sign it. the piano will be on display during Pride weekend here in 3 weeks.

18 September 2019

my stunning life

(photo by Marconi Calindas)

I've had this long-time fantasy. I'm doing a nite club act in which I come out in a tux & feather boa & sit on a piano & sing.

yes. my singing career was over when I outgrew performing as a "boy soprano."

but one still has dreams.

today my dream came to as close to coming true as it ever will. Terry Hastings -- one of the best art photographers in the valley -- invited me to come to our dear friend Marconi Calindas' studio. there Marconi has paintd an upright piano which will be on display at Palm Springs Pride. I got into my tux & a boa I had. the latter wasn't as snazzy as those Helen Morgan used. but we're talking magic here. I made my way on top of the gayly paintd upright. it was hot under the professional lamps. but even with sweat & skinny boa I felt every bit the star.

I don't know what Terry will make from our shoot. but I trust his talent. & I'm loving every minute of my late-in-life career as a model. all lives have ups & downs. I no longer dwell on the downs. & this latest up is one more page in a biography I wdn't trade with anyone.

(photo by Marconi Calindas)

17 September 2019

morning rarity: coffee in bed. from that came a poem. & even after my mind jogs. sun on courtyard reminds me of the one I designd for Santa Fe. joining of indoors & out.

the universe is here.

22 August 2019

"Woman with Pink Umbrella"

she ambles thru Park Guell
her mind on bread

she can feel crunch of crust 
of pa de pages
can taste a bit of sobrassada
in pa de Sant Jordi

which to buy

"life is short" 
she thinks

so buy both

18 August 2019

RIP Don Cauble

Dave Roskos has announced the death of the poet.

I never met Don & our correspondence was slight. but our names have appeard together over the decades.

I think we first were together in the pages of Sattvas Review back in 1969. & in more recent years we both had broadsides publishd by Costmary Press & 48th St. Press.

on the website for his novel Don quotes me.

he once sent me a fun photo of himself with Doug Blazek but I can't find it now.

10 August 2019

some shoes last

in the late "60s I bought Warhol's "Autobiography of Alice B. Shoe" from New Gallery in Cleveland. it was stolen while I still lived in Twin Lakes. I've long suspectd the thief. it was one of the small sorrows of that period of my life. but it carried thruout because every time I saw another copy of the print in a show I became sad that I was robbed of the joy of living with it.

this morning I was cleaning the dining room & moved my small collection of shoe lasts. it brought back feelings of that loss. but now I try to live in joy. so I decided to do a series with my feet & the lasts.

they are all self portraits except for the full body shot (featuring Gary Sielaff's piece done from one of the lasts in my collection) which Estee Huff kindly took.