27 January 2015

Charles Farrell (1900-1990)

every time I go to a familiar place to seek something new.

this weekend in Palm Springs I went to a small cemetery in downtown. I touchd the tombstones of architect Albert Frey & one of the original Keystone Kops -- Chester Moorten.

but the real reason I was there was to honor this silent screen star:

he was a handsome man known for his smile & his hair. I've written about him before. he died before I got to his city. so this is as close as I'll come.

16 January 2015

going thru

old files before sending them to my collection at Kent State I found this 1968 polaroid:

it's Mary Ann Begland signing her painting "Isadora."

here we are years later with the same painting (which still hangs in my living room).

15 January 2015

calling all doll collectors

before putting the family house on the market I took this picture of part of Mom's doll collection:

I need to find good homes for the dolls.  those which I got Mom during my travels I'm keeping but there are just too many for me.

if you are a real collector let me know. I'm willing to give you a doll for the price of postage.

14 January 2015

Ray Johnson (1927-1995)

hard to believe he's been gone 20 years.

I wrote to Johnson in the summer of 1977 inviting him to contribute to the catalog for Ira Joel Haber's retrospective at Kent State which I was editing. he sent a piece which we used. I returnd the original art to him per his instruction.

this is the only piece of his I own:

when the University Libraries got rid of its card catalog in the early 1990s I got the idea of selecting some cards to send to the authors for signatures. as a fundraiser for Special Collections we sold the cards.

among those I purchased was this one with Johnson's signature backwards & snaking from front of card to rear.

11 January 2015

Palm Springs is

close today because this cactus is in bloom.  it began as a tiny cutting from Inn Exile. over the years it's grown into this.