26 December 2017

"Portrait in Black"

I often bemoan those days of yore when cameras weren't ubiquitous. so many precious ones with whom I have no photos. so many grand events just hanging on by a memory.

so it was lovely to find this online. it shows producer Ross Hunter arriving at Cleveland Hopkins with Virginia Grey & John Saxon & Anna May Wong. my stories abt them at the premiere of this film at the Hippodrome in 1960 are easy to find. & altho heretofore there has been no photographic evidence at last I have this. as close as I'll get to my actual memories of talking with these film legends.

21 December 2017


I don't understand them. I mean why do we dream what we dream?

maybe there is an answer which I haven't uncoverd. whatever..... I'm constantly intrigued by their content.

last nite I dreamt that I was meeting a high school English teacher named Jeri Lu Wagstaff. she was important in my development as a serious writer because she encouraged me. in the dream I did what I've been unable to do in real life -- to thank her in person.

this is the only photo I have of her. I took it when some of her best students (Roberta & Tom & Martha & I) surprised her with an art installation & performance art.

yesterday I rec'd my annual Xmas card from Roberta (now living in London). maybe that was a trigger for this dream?

so I may not understand dreams. I may not like all of them. but this one made me feel good. 

20 December 2017

a man in tights

I cdn't listen to any more news of the tax bill from the idiot in the White House & the Republican millionaires in Congress. so I watchd the Disney version of the Robin Hood tale.

as a boy I was a Disney fan & after seeing this fell for Richard Todd. it was decades before I finally saw him in Beverly Hills. I was a bit startled at how short he was. his date that nite was his friend & sometimes co-star Glynis Johns -- equally diminutive. they were so cute together   reminding me of the couple on the wedding cake.

a couple of side glances:

1) tonite's TCM screening was hostd by Leonard Maltin. in his post screening chatter he switched the names of actors James Robertson Justice & James Hayter.

2) I'd forgotten that Peter Finch playd the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. one day we'll be neighbors for eternity. his space is down the hall & around the corner from mine.

10 December 2017

my newest book

I love  Poems For All. these wee books are publishd with such love by Robert Hansen. & now he's done a 4th poem of mine -- "loiter at my lines."

(photo by John Kenneth Alexander)