20 January 2005

Not One Damn Dime Day

4 years ago I wrappd the Century Dimes in black & wore that armband all of Inauguration Day as my one-man protest. so it amuses me that this time around someone else is using the dime symbolically as a protest.

it's such a sad day. normally I'd go to the movies but I'll be joining those thousands who refuse to add even a dime to the economy as our silent protest. I can't watch tv because the very sight of that disgusting man smirking thru another swearing in wd turn my stomach. so I'll read.

this is garbage day in my community. I'm dressd in black   feeling fearful at what this regime will do next.

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Moi said...

I know exactly what you mean... I experience a violent physical revulsion whenever I see that moron.

I went to an anti-Inaugural Ball party sponsored by the Democrats abroad in Paris. It was a wonderful crowd-- beautiful young things, middle agers like me, and a WW II vet who arrived in France on the Normandy beaches, returned to the US, and then moved to Paris about 30 years ago. An amazing guy, who was photo editor for Life (during WW II), and then for the NY Times and Washington Post. He said it made him furious when the man currently charading as president compared the Iraq war to WW II.

Another person there had just moved to France-- a sixtyish woman who swore she would leave the US if B got re-elected... and she did when he did.

There were also a few singers who played guitar and sang-- two Americans, and a French guy who looks exactly like a young Jon Bon Jovi. He did a version of "Sexual Healing" that had me drooling.

An evening that restored my faith, a little bit, in America.