04 January 2005

sharing time/space

in the summer of 1956 Dad left our driveway on Winckles St. he & Mom & I got on the Ohio Turnpike & were off to Washington DC. it was the biggest vacation of my boyhood & we did all the tourist activities. however we also went to Lafayette Square to see Edith Bolling Galt Wilson lay a wreath on the statue of Rochambeau. she was an 84-year-old woman in a black dress & white hat. sometimes calld "the secret president"   Mrs. Wilson held a unique place in the history of the nation.

last nite I rememberd that moment while watching newsreels of her during her tenure as First Lady. it was on a PBS episode of "American Experience" (narratd by the wondrous Linda Hunt).

altho I was only 13 then I think that the experience of sharing time/space with Mrs. Wilson was a seminal event in my formulation of notions of connectivity. I knew that breathing the same air as Mrs. Wilson for that short time was enough to connect me with WW1 & the League of Nations.

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Snowbear said...

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