10 January 2005

every day is an adventure

I rejoice in the intersection of what I plan & what just happens. who wd guess that a day cd begin with Mickey Rooney's butt & end with tiny books.

yes one of the morning "news" shows featurd an interview with Judy Garland's MGM playmate abt a commercial in which his posterior is exposd. perhaps the networks think its audiences have had enuf sorrow in their news of late. Rooney is probably the last working movie star who began in silent films. he's made some 250 pictures since 1926. so having something other than his obit be front-page news is exciting. but the whole nonsense of censoring his ass is silly. & putting him in such a key news spot is surreal.

but I survivd "Good Morning America" & went on to the gym & the bakery. & then late in the day in my mail a package from Richard Lopez of Really Bad Movies. he sent me his book The Grapevine & a CD of him reading in Sacramento in 2003. also falling from the envelope like New Year's confetti a trio of tiny books of his. they are part of the Poems-For-All series.

"scattered around town, on buses, trains, restrooms, coffee shops, left along with the tip; stuffed in a stranger's back pocket, whatever, wherever. an ongoing project of the 24th Street Irregular Press." the series began in mar 2001 with the reprinting of d.a. levy's "The Bells of the Cherokee Ponies." I publishd that poem in the 1971 issue of The Serif that I editd. as far as I know that issue was the 1st academic consideration of levy. I'd askd Gary Snyder to write his now-famous essay & Jim Lowell to put together what was the 1st levy bibliography. so to have that poem begin the Poems-For-All series was esp meaningful for me.

I need to spend time with Richard's work but its appearance on my hearth warms my heart. this has been part of today's adventure.

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