29 January 2005

nothin' slow abt Wasco

there's a young man in Cleveland who is bringing back some of the publishing fervor of that city from 40 years ago. Matthew Wascovich is a poet & musician who issues chapbooks under the imprint of Slow Toe Publications .

in my snailbox this afternoon came copies of his new mag Thee Flat Bike . it's an honor for me to share pages with Doug Blazek   Don Cauble   Byron Coley   Hugh Fox   Alan Horvath   Tom Kryss   Thurston Moore   Lee Ranaldo   Kent Taylor   A.D. Winans   & Wasco himself.

take a look at the list & get out yr checkbook. if you don't know which ones you want order them all. it isn't any cheaper now than it was in levy's day to issue adventurous work. yr local library is having trouble keeping its doors open. so don't expect to find Slow Toe books there. order now & order often.

(left to right: Wasco   Todd Colby   Thurston Moore   Gildzen at Bowery Poetry Club oct 03)

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