31 December 2004

silver sword


the last 2 months of the year that was have held such sorrow.

but let the sadness take its place with all the joy it brought me. I was able to spend precious time with my parents & with friends     some of whom I've now known for decades. I met new people who I hope will be friends for whatever years remain. my cat Melina has given me amazing affection.

there have been movies & meals     art & poems. & travels to so many places.

I depart the year with a memory of a plant. it's been in my mind all day. the silver sword belongs to the sunflower family but looks more like a yucca. the particular variety I saw in 2004 only grows out of the cinder of Haleakala     more than 10000 feet above Maui.

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Malibu said...

There are no insignificant encounters in life. Whether it be with a plant, a kitty, a family member, an enemy or a stranger. May 2005 provide more joy than sorrow, more encounters than isolation, more opportunities to make something good out of every day we are given. Happy New Year Alex.