14 February 2020

a new book

my official bibliography was publishd 27 years ago. the A section is my books & at that time the number was 40. I haven't countd but I presume the current number at least doubles that.

some of the books are small. as a proper father I shd like each equally. but my reaction to each is individual. & I admit that some are more significant to me than others.

however a book is abt to appear which is special. Alex in Movieland (1943-1973) is the first installment of an epic work. since it is my life as a list I've been living it forever. & I've been writing it for what seems as long. the actual writing startd over a quarter century ago. but the idea came before that.

it's not an easy work to categorize. it's sort of the love child of autobiography & conceptual art. I'll let others decide where it fits -- that is if it fits. but for me it's as major as it gets. I expect that I'll be writing the last line of it as my breath departs my body.

& what a better day than Valentine's Day for this book to be announced to the world.  my love & appreciation to John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles Press for bringing it out. & you my dear friends may purchase it here.

05 February 2020

a dark day

the criminal in the White House is acquittd by a Senate of cowards with the blessing of a spineless Chief Justice.

it ain't just Iowa that's broken.

27 January 2020

dream portrait

net sculpture by Megan Evans
photo by Estee Huff
reenvisiond by Wallace Colvard

22 January 2020

50 years ago today

I shiverd in a frigid Ohio winter to observe Robert Smithson create "Partially Buried Woodshed."  the piece became part of my life.

Nancy Holt suggestd to Richard Martin that I write abt the piece for his Smithson issue of "Arts." my cover article in 1978 is probably my most read prose work. & my subsequent friendship with Martin was a blessing.

abt the same time I was filmd at the woodshed for the French tv series "L'Aventure de L'art Moderne." I have no idea if I'm in the finishd work.

I was also interviewd by a reporter from the New York Times abt the work. I was part of a symposium abt it sponsord by Kent's school of art. & I was at Mark Bloch's performance piece there.

in 2002 I found a pair of Old Navy boxers there. they are now part of my piece "Underwear in a Box."

Daily Kent Stater 1975

Lainard Bush photographd me at what's left of the piece in 2014

01 January 2020

the new & the old

put on my new Skechers & went to the gym where I huggd Jack Farquhar Halbert in the shower

brewd Italian coffee from Gary Sielaff which I drank from the Sondheim mug I bought at Kennedy Center

took Aunt Mary's quilt off the bed whose sheets I changed

opend Julia Waida's cedar chest to take out an antique patchwork quilt my parents gave me

ate a Vosges cosmic truffle from Regina Yando

got a call from Bill Berger to alert me abt a tv show abt Eleanor Roosevelt