17 June 2018

"For the Children in the Camps"

I wish
my arms were bigger
so I cd hold you
my back broader
so I cd carry you
out of yr cages
to yr parents

I wish
we cd sway together
in a hammock
while I make up
a story abt an elephant
like Dad did for me

I wish
I cd make you laugh

08 June 2018

"The Baker Sisters"

is a series on Food Network. I appear in the Over the Rainbow segment. it's brief but tasty. to see it click here then type in password "baked."

with Jean Parker -- one of the sisters.

02 June 2018

"Cotton Socks" : the project

when I returnd from meeting Kim Novak in San Francisco there was a hole in the bottom of the lavender socks I wore. moments before tossing them I had an idea for a piece. there was another old pair of cotton socks in the drawer that had holes. but it was so fraught with personal meaning I had been unable to discard them. so I brought both together.

   the other pair are pale blue. I purchased them in the Greek village of Tricala in 1987. 
they appear in “What I Wore on the Blue Swing As 1999 Became 2000.” the last time I 
wore them was to the closing party for the Andy Warhol exhibition at Palm Springs 
Art Museum (I’ve got them on in the twirling video) & the one year anniversary 
party at Janssen Artspace.

I have zero memory of where/when I bought the lavender socks. but because lavender is Kim Novak’s favorite color I packd them to go to San Francisco for the 60th anniversary screening of “Vertigo.” I put them on in Room 31 of Willows Inn & walkd down Market St to meet Jim Provenzano for dinner at Cafe Mystique. then we went across the street to Castro Theater for the screening. following that I met its star. I was the first person at the reception to greet her. I’d brought along a photograph she sent me in 1960. she seemd thrilld when I told her it had given me such pleasure over the decades.

so back in Palm Springs with Mom’s scissors I cut 21 strips from the 4 socks. I wrote a poem. with a paint pen I wrote one line on each strip. then I placed each strip in an envelope for delivery.

26 May 2018

under leaves of my frangipani

I learn Jean-Claude van Itallie & Richard Harrison were born within 24 hours of each other.

I suspect I shd let John Bloomberg-Rissman know.

but he knows everything.

25 May 2018

o no

in my current collection Son of Hollywood there is a poem calld "Body Parts." one of the sections is "Owen Wilson's Nose."

I just learnd that the actor is a rightwinger who supports the "president." suddenly his nose is no longer sexy.

24 May 2018

Kim Novak

at Castro Theater in San Francisco for 60th anniversary screening of "Vertigo"

(photo by Jana Asenbrennova)

23 May 2018

Clint Walker (1927-2018)

I was staying at Camp Michael in the Dakotas & saw the proprietor had a photo of Clint Walker so I had myself photographd with it to send to my old buddy Jim Provenzano who has long been a fan of the Western star.

then I took this of Jim himself with Walker's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

& as so often happens just the other nite Jim & I talkd abt Walker over salads before crossing the street to see his most famous leading lady Kim Novak at the Castro Theater.

23 April 2018


I met Edward Guthmann 18 years ago but we've only seen each other a couple of times since. so I don't know him well.

today his book Wild Seed: Searching for My Brother Dan arr'd in the mail. I'm a slow reader & was going to put it in the huge to-read pile. but I opend it. & there I sat reading it all the way thru.

now I know Edward Guthmann better than I had before.

this isn't a review. I won't go into the particulars of the book. but allow me a personal reflection. I like knowing abt people I don't know. but even better I like learning new things abt those I think I do know. I have great appreciation for this author's task. & as so often happens when I read it prods me to dig into my own.

thank you Edward for letting me know more abt yr life. that last photograph of yr brother looking so happy & sexy on the beach makes me wish I'd met him. but of course because of yr book I already have.

21 April 2018

Blue Hole

I remember visiting this place when I was a boy. it seemd like a magic spot. its blueness remains as vivid as the first Technicolor movies.

the other day I was sorting "things" & found this small medallion which I presume I bought there so many decades ago.

15 April 2018

I saw Jennifer Holliday

play Effie in "Dreamgirls" on Broadway 36 years ago. it was electrifying.

last nite I saw her on stage again. she looks different (200 lbs lighter) & speaks more quietly & deliberately. when I first heard her do her signature song it was so raw it hit you in the gut. because of the life she's had what she sang last nite is still powerful but deeper.

not all performers can use the patter between songs to dole out anything meaningful. but as Holliday tells some of her story the audience is totally with her & quite literally cheers her on. here's a woman who's taken the considerable shit that's come her way & produced a beautiful life. she continues to grow as person & performer. when I stood for her at the Imperial all those years ago it was for a dynamite performance. when I stood for her last nite it was for both her performance & her life.

this is the only photo I got of her at the Tony ball in 1984. it's much better of her mentor/tormentor Michael Bennett. but all these years later it teases. her fabled weight is hidden as was her depression. it's a quick moment from a troubled life that turnd out to be a powerful example of positivity.

13 April 2018

"The Urine of Russian Hookers"

rushes thru American history
flushing integrity
down the Volga
it oranges the face
of duplicity
but cleanses
a nation's psyche

revelation of piss
promises a path
to healing

07 April 2018

fashion week

taking advantage of this annual event to wear some old but new to me items for the first time.

(photo by Estee Huff)

painter Ross Bleckner created this vest in 1993. it was produced in an edition of 100 for sale at Barney's to raise funds for AMFAR. when I bought it at a consigment store last year it was in a frame. but I needed to wear it so released it.

at another consignment store I bought this vintage satin suit by Bally. I'm wearing it with a tie hand-paintd by Marconi Calindas which was a birthday gift from my friend Phil Andrews.

22 March 2018

Putin's bitch

fires his Secretary of State & National Security Adviser
after their anti-Russia statements.

& their replacements will be dangerous dolts.

how much longer before the nation crumbles.

21 March 2018

Putin's bitch

calld the dictator to congratulate him on his fake election.

this idiot cheapens his office & weakens the nation more & more each day.

how much longer do we have to endure?

18 March 2018

reflections on being read

the earliest poem of mine of which I have a copy was written 63 years ago. the first poem to appear in a magazine was in 1962. my first slender chapbook was publishd in 1969.

in other words I've been doing this for a long time. like so many poets I don't get paid for reading or publications. my books don't get reviews or awards. but poets make poems & that is our reward.

this morning I woke to rare notice of my work. several Facebook friends saluted my poetry. the wrinkles around my mouth shot up. small kindnesses like this are large. it means the work isn't just out there but someone's reading it. the making of poetry -- like other arts -- is a solitary endeavor. we who create offer our work to the world. & for the most part the world remains silent.

so to anyone who takes the time to read me let me offer my gratitude. & to those who have brightened my morning my love.

11 March 2018

of late I go in darkness to the spa to unwind. being alone outside in heatd water is a slice of heaven. but then along came the time change. so tonite it was less than black when I sunk into the jacuzzi. I lookd up to discover an El Greco sky. but I'm no tortured saint. I feastd on the dappled sky. no roil there. but such enjoyment that I was calm. & that was my desire for that activity. this good day ends well.

21 February 2018

bless the children

I hope the Parkland students do make a difference. our nation has always been violent but its current darkness makes daily life difficult.

04 February 2018

ties that bind

there's an exhibition at Kent State University Museum which is abt to end. it's "Fashions of the Forties."

Roger Di Paolo postd a photo from it on Facebook which I borrowd. when I saw it the yellow & blue tie on the suit on the right lookd familiar.

among my last activities in Santa Fe before moving was an enormous downsizing. one of many activities in that downsizing was to cull my large collection of ties. I sent these to the fashion museum I was involved in beginning. here they are just before I packaged them up:

it pleases me so to see an old friend have a new life.

24 January 2018

& so another year

it's been busy. 3 visitors in 3 weeks. many laughs. good meals. great conversation.

Lainard Bush returnd to Cleveland today. here's a portrait he took of me in the marshes of Calipatria a few days ago.