17 July 2018

Henry Walker (1938-2018)

when I moved from Kent to Santa Fe Henry gave me this lovely watercolor of Union Station in LA. I'm looking at it on my walls at this moment.

09 July 2018

not the best morning

usually I sleep well. hit the pillow & am out til morning. but last nite I had weird dreams (including Doris Day in a pink bikini) & woke several times.

once out of bed I learnd that Tab Hunter died but the "president" didn't.

then outside the air was so bad I cdn't see the mountains. I presume this rarity was because of yesterday's nearby fire. altho the air smelld more of Salton Sea than ash.

finally at the gym the steam room was closed.  so I decided to come home to shower.

almost afraid to turn on the news now.......

08 July 2018


I bought this painting from Mary Ann Begland exactly a half century ago & have loved it all these years