30 January 2005

"Exploring the voids of all known undergrounds"

2 of my compatriots on the pages of the premiere issue of Thee Flat Bike   Byron Coley & Thurston Moore   collaborate on the column "Bull Tongue" in Arthur.

in the current issue

they too toast Slow Toe Publications. allow me to quote:
Don't expect "rock" poetry, this is all way more out there and off the tracks. Wasco hears it with the same brain that has read the primordial greatness of the long-flowing history of Cleveland's heaviest. Peeps such as Tom Kryss, Kent Taylor and Alex Gildzen, all constituents of the famed Asphodel Bookshop, where the recently and dearly departed Jim Lowell held court and where the visionary and law-hounded poet d.a. levy burst forth.

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