18 January 2005

more Miami

I had to take 2 buses to get from South Beach to Miami-Dade County Auditorium where the Britten was being performd. after the opera I was in downtown Miami between buses when an attractive young woman -- noticing my program -- askd if I'd just seen "Paul Bunyan." it turns out she was Aleksandra Vrebalov -- a composer who is abt to immerse herself in her 1st opera. she's had work performd all over the world with a new violin piece premiering soon at Carnegie Hall. we got on the same bus & had an enchanting chat abt music & poetry. it was as lovely an experience as the opera had been.

altho the rain causd some outdoor events to be canceld   Art Deco Weekend still had a parade (complete with shirtless firefighters promoting their calendar). & I took in 2 lectures. I did my own walking tours -- both during the day & at nite -- of the Art Deco area.

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& there was fresh sea food & Cuban sandwiches & Argentine pastries. so even if the weather was not what is advertisd I made the most of my weekend.

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