21 September 2008

whatever happend to Paul Kilb?

he was the lead in Markoupoulis' "Twice a Man" & later appeard in Warhol's "Women in Revolt." Kilb wrote music for Lanford Wilson's "Balm in Gilead" & playd piano for Citizens for Interplanetary Activity.

I used to see this beautiful man in the Village in the '60s. is he still alive?


N~ said...

Paul Kilb is alive and well living on Staten Island's north shore since 2001. He still visits the Village and is still tall and handsome.

Unknown said...

As of this date, January 15, 2014, Paul Kilb is still living on Staten Island and occasionally makes appearances as a pianist at local clubs.

Blaine Ellis said...

good to know he is still alive. last talked with him at a fund raiser screening of Twice a Man at the Charles theater on ave.B. Markopoulos was pissed at the audience
laughter at the cheese cake shots of Paul. Paul thought the whole thing funny.