05 September 2008

madder than hell

the reason I truly despise John McCain is because this was to be the year of civil discourse   the year in which true policy differences between the parties wd find intelligent examination. but no. McCain pickd the most devisive runningmate he cd uncover. & now any semblance of mature discussion has turnd into an evening of Jerry Springer.

listen to the old man   rancor spilling from that false smile. listen to the hockey mom   clutching the rifle from the dead hands of Charlton Heston. they face their convention of mostly rich white folk & fail to discuss the economy or social justice. instead they bring back the culture wars. they have given permission to vote against hope   indeed permission to vote against a black man.

Mrs. Palin can't be McCain's soulmate because he doesn't have a soul. he sold that when he pickd her.

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