30 September 2008

weekend in LA

spent a couple of days in Culver City with Billy. his big news is that he has a new companion -- a rescue dog. Emma wasn't sure of me at first. she growld. but I workd on befriending her. & by the second day she was comfortable with me as you can see by this picture Billy took in his livingroom.

then it was off to Hollywood for a too-brief visit. on sunday Craig pickd me up & we were off to Silverlake for brunch. afterward he took this with his cellphone.

those are the steps Laurel & Hardy used in "The Music Box."

I packd as much as I cd into the quick trip. there was a disappointing opera at dreary Dorothy Chandler Pavillion & a popular musical at magnificent Pantages Theater. Billy & I took in the John Lautner exhibition at the Hammer. & there were some good meals.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh the cute. the dog is nice too. although i would trade you both for the lovely table in the background.

Anonymous said...

Why am I surprised that pets are showing up in this blog? I guess I think of Alex as entirely cerebral and fiercely artistic. Oh dear, the ideas that we generate ... sounds like the weekend was a belly-full of great fun (that dog is beautiful).

AlexG said...

Luca -- the table is Billy's newest furniture addition. he bought it esp to support a sculpture.

Bill -- I find communicating with animals an amazing experience.